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Waking Up

As I enter my early 40s, I’ve come to realise that personal transformation comes from our ability to live in our truth. When we’re able to tune into who we really are, what we really want, and we’re willing to see what’s getting in the way of us stepping fully into our power, that’s when we’ll be inspired to change. When we know who we are, the light and the dark, we’re awake. We’re no […]

Finding Your New Journey

I used to be out of control when it came to food. It showed in my weight, especially in my face, and I felt uncomfortable. So much for going to college by the beach! These days I can say that I have come to a place where I understand my body and what it needs to be healthy and strong. That doesn’t mean that I only eat salads or that I don’t eat cake, it […]

When Oprah Speaks

Everybody listens. We all know she’s tried every diet under the sun, and exercised herself into a sweaty heap at times. Apparently at Oprah’s heaviest she tipped the scales at 107.5kg – something I can relate to as I was 103kg at my heaviest many years ago. As Oprah’s weight struggles played out publicly, we shared her frustrations as we battled through our own bodies of shame and pain. It was always about us failing, […]

My Story

I never struggled with my weight growing up and could always eat what I wanted. I was never restricted and enjoyed a large variety of junk food until I discovered a gluten sensitivity and several Autoimmune challenges as an older adult. Suddenly, I had to go from never eating a vegetable to eating only vegetables and grass-fed meat on an elimination diet – my first diet ever. Taking gluten out of my life made me […]

You are the Nutritionist of the Future

Yes you. When you’ve spent a lifetime giving your power away to scales, diets and nutritional facts, it sounds impossible that you can become your own best nutritionist now or anytime in the future. But if there’s one thing this work has taught me, it’s that lasting freedom comes from that journey back to yourself. No amount of nutritional science knows your heart, your life or food preferences. Nobody knows you like you, yet we […]

My Story

I was always interested in nutrition & started studying in 1983 but my dream was put on hold due to financial issues. I took a ‘safe’ job with the Australian Government. 26 years later my first turning point occurred when I left that job after the sudden death of my husband. It was 2006 before I rekindled my dream & began part time study. After my husband died I took time off to grieve but […]

Coming Home

I look at my relationship with food and body and my own personal struggles, successes and growth as a continuous search for home. Home being, at the most basic level, the body I inhabit, the swirling thoughts, feelings and beliefs that form how I show up in the world and how I build and nurture my relationship with myself and others. Creating a safe space to call home, in this world of perfectionism and body […]

Finding the Joy in Living

I spent years and years stuck in my thoughts, living a mental life of turmoil as I went through multiple eating disorders. Everyday I would think obsessively about what I was going to eat, where I was going to eat, when I would work out and then when I would work out after that. I had little to no time for friends and often would say no to events due to my inability to workout […]


I’m not going to list the ways to describe myself in a negative way. I’m sure the list would be longer than the positive one. Why? Experts say that negative thoughts come to us much more often than positive ones. It was recently revealed to me that I didn’t have to listen to those negative thoughts. I don’t have to believe the thoughts that cause uncomfortable feelings? Wow! How do I do that? It is […]

Lean In To What Feels Good

When I think about what’s most meaningful to me in this phase of my life when it comes to food, body, eating psychology, personal health, personal development, etc. – it’s the idea of trusting myself and my decisions. I found IPE in the midst of binge and emotional eating in 2013, desperately looking for the answers. I had already quit my corporate job, completed a yoga teacher training, put my primary relationship on hold, etc. […]

The Courage to Feel

I’m driving to work, listening to my first Marc David podcast about a woman who had struggled with an eating disorder for years. In just 40 minutes, Marc is identifying the root causes of this woman’s struggles and breaking through years of confusion. Before I can stop the show and save my carefully-made-morning-face, the tears are streaming down leaving streaks all over. But I don’t want to stop it, I am completely hooked. Finally, someone […]

My Awakening

I was quickly approaching my 30th birthday and really excited about it. Many people told me amazing things about your 30’s. They said you finally understand yourself and are more comfortable in your own skin. Hearing this helped me truly embrace transitioning into my 30’s. I waited for all the wonderful days and years to come like the 30’s had been promised to me. Well that didn’t happen. I couldn’t seem to land a satisfying […]

Letting go when you’re still clinging on

I thought I had nailed my challenges around body image. It took me two eating disorders, a whole pile of books and a great deal of self-development to accept that I needed to accept exactly who I was, whatever the tape measure or the number on the scales said. In fact, I had thrown away the scales. And then BOOM. They were back. I was hating on myself all over again. Bringing in all those […]

Goodbye my big, strong, healthy wife!

“Goodbye my big, strong, healthy wife!” As I registered these words I knew, without a doubt, that they were meant in encouragement, but all I heard was the word BIG. As a woman I have been conditioned to think of big as bad. Big means heavy, big means fat, big means you lose. I can remember being in middle school and wanting to be smaller. Mostly shorter at that time, because I was a gangly […]

It’s Never Too Late

Finally, after my whole adult life, I can now say that I am in the best health of my life, thus far. This is most meaningful to me, not only for my own health, but also to impart my knowledge to others who are struggling with dietary and health issues. This turning point came to me about 4 1/2 years ago, at age 52, when I had had enough of “why do I feel this […]

Shaming is Shamefool

Many of us have dealt with shame throughout our lives. I certainly have struggled with immense shame – from my earliest memory at 5 years of age through to suffering extreme shame for 25 years with a combination of eating disorders. Essentially the anorexic feels shame at never achieving impossible perfection; the bulimic feels shame at the out-of-control binging and purging; the overeater feels ashamed at simply being fat; and the disordered eater feels ashamed […]

She Really Let Herself Go

“She really let herself go” is a saying I’ve heard more than a few times and always with a negative connotation. After the birth of my daughter “I really let myself go” in a positive way. Most of it had to do with reprioritizing and redefining beauty, or at least what makes me feel beautiful. Before I had my daughter, when I was first dating my husband, I was 30 minutes late to meet him […]

Jail Breakers

There are many jails we create in our own minds. We think we cannot do things, we think certain things are impossible and we think we are stuck in certain situations. No doubt, life is complicated and there are true obstacles. When we find which of these obstacles are bigger in our minds than reality we can be jail breakers and move forward and move into better health. We all see things from our perception; […]

Detox Your Mind

What is it that keeps us from slowing down and relaxing into our meals and life? For me, it is my mind. I could see how my mind prohibited me from slowing my body to reap any of the benefits of metabolizing my food more efficiently much less be able to digest life. If I could clean up my mind I could have a chance at slowing down and getting these lasting benefits for my […]

It’s simple, but not easy

It’s simple, but not easy. I was five when my mom picked me up from the nursery and I proudly told her that I’d eaten a gross piece of meat we’d been served for lunch. I did it because there was a rule at the nursery: you had to clear your plate. My mom turned to me and said: “You shouldn’t eat everything that’s on your plate.” The 5-year-old me heard: “I’d love you more […]

Don’t believe everything you think!

Take notice, what kind of thoughts are you thinking? I bet they are not all true. My thought life was a funny farm for decades and I really did not find the humor in it. Not only did I cover all the untruths about food and health in my mind, I covered self-deprecating thoughts to the fullest. Completely lost in who I was as a person, I had to find a better path. My worst […]

You Are NOT Too Fat To Start Dating Again. Let me prove it.

Have you ever been ambushed by the following thought: “I’ll start dating when I’ve lost weight”? If so, then I have news for you. It is a lie-in-sheep’s-clothing, a toxic myth that will damage your chances of getting into a relationship. I am going to prove that it is entirely possible for you to not only debunk those untruths that tell you you have to weigh X pounds in order to enjoy a happy love […]

Shake It Off

Girl, you need to have… if you had…then you would get… why are you so… Living with other people’s expectations of me did nothing more than short change me to who I needed to be. Living with frustration, looking in the mirror, hoping and praying that if only… then I could… Prayer changes things…is what was ringing in my ear. The other ear shouting…just be content where you are. It seemed like a case of […]

The Menopausal Shift

Over my 14 years of practice, I have worked with so many women who struggle with their weight and changing body throughout menopause and beyond. The truth is, in the Menopausal phase your body changes, your metabolism slows and for many women weight gain occurs. Certainly it is important to ensure your nutrition and exercise support these hormonal shifts and do what you can to have the healthiest body to carry you through your life, […]

A Call to the Wild

When you were born you were wild. You operated from instinct and intuition. You gave love when it felt right. You ran when you felt like running. You ate when and what you felt like eating. You didn’t worry about your waistline or what others saw you eat. You were never concerned with which exercise burnt the most calories. You had no thoughts over whether mother’s milk had too much fat or carbs. You were […]