My story of transformation in my mindset toward dieting

I am so grateful for the freedom I am experiencing in my relationship with food since I found the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. I discovered this work when I was deep in my struggle with food. I had spent 25 years looking for the answer to which diet would bring me to that magical number. Introducing the Jenny Craig program…I got there but it was such a struggle to stay there. That feeling of desperation that possibly only lifelong dieters can understand caused me such misery that I started to Google and found some of Marc David’s videos on YouTube. Every message resonated so deeply with me after that I told my husband I have to do this coaching program. I have let the scale rob my happiness for my entire life. I have to figure this out. I am so grateful that he was on board. This work has changed my entire life. I used to have such a disordered relationship with food. I spent every day either on or off my diet and I let that determine my entire self-worth. A lot of my time was spent thinking about what I was or was not eating. Instead of truly living, I was living to eat. Now I have found my passion which is helping people. I am so excited about this work that now I spend most days doing this work and I am eating to fuel my body. The difference for me could be explained this way: I used to see eating challenges as a problem but now I see them as an opportunity to grow and self develop. This work is my passion and I am looking forward to the future. I am excited to help as many people as I am able while here on planet earth.

Of course, not every day is just a cake walk. Some days I do find myself feeling challenged again. Not as much with my cravings but more about my old negative view of myself and how I feel about my body etc. But more often than before I can coach myself back into a more positive space, meaning if I stop and think about what truly has come up there is always something that has triggered these feelings. I’m not worthless, but a situation I went through may have been perceived by me in my old frame of mind again and then it’s a great reminder to me to remember it’s not all about food and body there is so much more to my existence. And thankfully I have great mentors and friends and family to help me remind me of what is truly important and what I am actually here for.

My Belief is that all people just want to feel love and acceptance and unfortunately due to social media and our view of ourselves caused by circumstance and situation It is a far too easy to base our worth on outward things when really the things that are of true value are inside our soul and those are the things that are truly worth living for.

Jen Seiter

Empathetic. Caring. Motivated.

My Name is Jen. I’m a Mind Body Eating Coach, certified by the Institute for the psychology of Eating. I used to have a completely disordered relationship with food. I spent 25 years yo-yo dieting. I imagined that my goal weight would be what made me happy with myself. I now look at weight and eating challenges differently. Rather than seeing them as a problem, I see them as an opportunity for growth and self development. I work together with each of my clients as an individual to find their way to their own healthy relationship with food and body. This cutting edge technology that I specialize in is called dynamic eating psychology. Dynamic Eating Psychology looks at not only WHAT we eat, but also HOW and WHY we eat it. This field of study has transformed my entire life. If this interests you, I would love to meet you.

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