Hey Kimberley Maxey- HappyBalance Coach….

As a woman who has been met with numerous health challenges over the years, from depression, to endometriosis, food intolerances and IBS, and then battling the struggles of life as a single parent, finding a balance in life to look after my health and wellness, hasn’t just been necessary…..it’s been the ‘absolute key ingredient’ that’s lead me to a HappyBalanced lifestyle whilst raising kids with ADHD and Autism. 

But getting there- sure has been an interesting journey where I have learned so much. 

See, the more I was just a busy overloaded parent trying to do too much in the day, the more my health suffered, and the more  chaotic my household became. With crazy behaviour from the kids, and me, too exhausted to cook us good healthy nutrition -our health suffered, and the kids behaviour and lack of concentration became worse.

But things all changed when I learnt to do something many of us are struggling to do these days- COPE in all the right ways. In  learning some amazing key steps around self love, slowing down to nurture myself, and checking back in to really be present with myself and others, I was able to get back my time and sanity, and start treating my own health and wellbeing as a priority, – which resulted a in a Mind/Body wellness that changed everything!!! 

For me, learning to ’COPE’ more effectively in life with stress and create a better relationship with Food Mind and Body, not only means I have Can Operate Purposefully Everyday and have my life evolve in more positive ways….it also means that whilst my kids are battling with their own emotions, learning to understand themselves and their relationships to food and self in our crazy world today- I can be a perfect role model for my Children Observing Parents Everyday.

So as a certified Mind Body Eating Coach, and through the teachings of my very own COPE program, I am dedicated in helping to create a Mind/Body wellness for women that changes everything..

Yes, I am very proud to say, thanks to understanding my own health struggles through all the positive insights I learned at IPE, I now work towards giving mums back the HappyBalanced lifestyle they deserve – whilst fixing the chain in wellness for our kids….

And today, for our kids that are stuck in this age of social media pressure to be perfect, with bullying that adds to those messages and points out their failings in such great detail, we know that being a leader is absolutely 100 % crucial! Right?

As a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach, ACFED Approved practitioner and published author, Kimberley has a profound up to date knowledge in matters of food behaviour and well-being that make up the essentials for health and wellness in today’s world.

This insight and education means she can coach others in issues of gut/brain health, basic nutrition and digestion, eating practises and disorders, weight loss and gain, body image concerns, emotional and mental health hygiene and more, to guide them towards outcomes of wholistic health.

Devoted to helping others create sustainable change, her own life experiences with gut health, food intolerances, depression/panic disorder, endometriosis and raising two children with developmental learning conditions, has driven her ambition to begin her business as Kimberley Maxey HappyBalance Coach. Her efforts at working towards helping women COPE with their own health and wellness are aimed at “fixing the chain in wellness for our kids”.  Adding a very specialised service to a currently struggling world in matters of food, mind, and body.

Email: kimberley@happybalance.com.au
Phone: 1300 HAP BAL
Website: https://www.happybalancecoach.com/

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