Our Thoughts Can Hold Us Back or Set Us Free—We Hold that Power…

As Marc said Personal Power = Metabolic Power. So true. When we get out of our limiting thoughts and stop pushing and forcing our bodies and instead let our life’s purpose gently unfold we experience a harmony within us, one another, and the whole world. In harmony our bodies respond by giving us our true weight and metabolism.  Now is the time to rid our minds of the distractions that prevent us from living our authentic selves. 

When I was 10 years old I figured out that I could control how my body looked by regulating what food I put into my body. The first food I chose to eliminate was milk after a stay on my uncle’s dairy farm.  At age 12, I became aware of how the girls around me were growing up and filling out, but not me, I was small and very petite.  I noticed how other girls picked on my classmates who were larger and also how they picked on me.  I noticed especially how my larger classmates, friends, and family were treated by others just because of their weight and it made me feel sad and uncomfortable. Although I had no overweight issue, in fact I was underweight most of my life, I felt their pain and internalized it as my own. It was then and there that I started to self reject my body and take on what was not really mine. I lived in a state of chronic dieting and excessive exercise in an effort to control my shape and thus control how others reacted to me.

As I grew older I liked the attention a small body brought me, my body became my identity. I strived to have the perfect body and perfect shape above all else. Looking back I see that my perfectionism around my body and my food and my exercise really stunted my development in many ways. Unknown to me at the time, my perfectionism prevented me from getting to know who I am as a person and how to love myself and others unconditionally. My internal toxic beliefs around  food and body image kept me from truly experiencing all that life on earth could offer me. My thoughts became my internal jailer and followed me wherever I went. “Just wait— your not good enough yet, someday, and until”, thoughts like these.  These limiting thoughts and beliefs about my body and shape prevented me from getting in the game of life. I know that I was led to the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, as part of my healing journey to learn to love and accept myself and others, to stop focusing on the small stuff, and get in the game of life. 

I am called to share my journey and work with others who also want a path of healing. The good news is that as we heal ourselves, we also heal the generations that come after us. What better gift to give yourself and your loved ones.

Let’s do this— achieve your highest goal and create your best self now!

Priscilla Thornton, MSW, LCSW, Dietary Manager, Certified Psychology of Eating Coach, Certified, NSHC Health Coach, Certified in Plant Based Nutrition, AAFP Certified in Weight Loss and Weight Management. I walk along side my clients as they discover their unique tools to sustain the changes they desire. I am passionate about our right to pursue optimal health and prevent chronic disease. My coaching style is supportive, light, easy, energetic, passionate, caring, safe, spiritual, and educational. I love to teach about healthy foods, I am a skilled cook, baker, and recipe developer. I have several years of successful one-on-one coaching with men and women wishing to lose weight and prevent or reverse chronic disease.

Phone: (605) 941-6063

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