Self-Love: The Missing Key

Something that I’ve run into a lot with my clients is that they feel lost. They know that something just isn’t right, but they can’t put their finger on it. A lot of these clients have issues with food but when they’ve gone to see someone to help them, they leave with a list of restrictions.

They follow the lists and find that they have even more issues with food or they end up feeling confused and even more lost. I’ve been in this place before and let me tell you, it was not pleasant.

There was a time (a long time) in my life when I knew something was very wrong with me—how I was eating and how I viewed myself was tiresome. So, I would look around for help from others to tell me what was “wrong with me.” But, I would always walk away still feeling lost and alone with no concrete answers.

So, I tried to “fix” theses things on my own. When I would binge I’d tell myself I needed to be harder on myself. When I looked in the mirror and was unhappy with what I saw I would go on another diet. But these tactics never worked. I still felt lost and unhappy.

Trying to understand why I couldn’t fix these issues, I started searching deeper within me. I started asking myself questions like, “why do you think you are lost?” or “why do you always have to be the victim here? “ and “why do you think you have issues with food?” Asking myself these questions I realized that I had no love for myself. After having this realization, I knew that it was going to take some work because I don’t think I ever really understood what self-love meant.

Overtime I had established a daily practice of saying nice things to myself instead of putting myself down. As I continued this practice I found that things started to get easier. I no longer had struggles with food, nor did I feel like I needed to look a certain way in order to be happy and I was no longer in need for someone to tell me how I “needed” to be. I found happiness in me and in the things I enjoyed.

Self-love is the missing key when it comes to our issues with food and body. When we are compassionate and understanding towards ourselves instead of disciplinary and punishing is when we will start to see a positive shift happen.

It isn’t that something is “wrong” with us; it’s just that we need to shift our perspective on ourselves and see through the eyes of love.

Heather McAlister

Authentic. Caring. Intuitive.

I am the owner of Body Beyond Image and I help women learn to let go of the limiting stories they hold onto about themselves in order to find their true health goals and potential.

Body Beyond Image is a judgment-free, positive vibes only zone where giving yourself love every day is a must. There are no restrictions and no disciplining here. Only an environment of learning and empowerment from that which causes us so much pain in order to allow ourselves to grow.

I strongly believe that before anything else — including healthy eating habits — self-love MUST come first! This is where I start with my clients using different methods such as mindset work and mirror work, to reach their goals. Then, when we are able to find a solid foundation of self-love, we go from there.

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