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My mission and my passion is helping people transform their relationship with food, because I know that when they do, they have more energy, they are more present and productive in all aspects of their life, and they are able to step into a joyful experience. I know this because this is my story.

You see, I used to have a very toxic relationship with food. I struggled through many years of dieting. I was not present in my own life. I avoided social situations where food was involved as best I could (and don’t they all involve food?). I spent most of my waking moments planning my meals and snacks and worrying about how many calories I was burning or how many steps I was earning. I thought about food and dieting all the time. Which meant I had little mental space for anything else.

And then I began binge eating. And by binge eating, I mean I would furiously and secretly devour food. My binges were like out-of-body experiences, as if something else took over my body while I watched from the sidelines, helpless to stop it.

In an effort to fix myself, I read many books, tried many programs, joined groups. I spent a lot of money and time, but nothing helped.

Until I discovered the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and was able to apply what I learned through its certification program to heal myself.

Now I enjoy what I call Food Freedom: I eat what makes me feel good, in mind and body. Food is not good or bad, it’s just food. It’s no big deal.

I have developed an amazing intuitive connection with my body. I ask it how a particular food will feel, it tells me, and I use that to guide my choices.

I get to love food and enjoy food without obsessing about it.

I remember once, after I had transformed my relationship with food, my husband said to me “You’re fun to be around again”. I hadn’t realized how much my toxic relationship with food was affecting those around me. Now I see that not only was I removed from my own life, but my connection to others also suffered.

And now I get to help others similarly overcome their struggles with food.

Just imagine what could be created, what could be accomplished, if all the energy that went into fighting food was used towards another purpose?

Dawn MacLaughlin

Compassion. Curiosity. Wonder.

Dr. Dawn MacLaughlin, international speaker and author of Food Fight: Ending the Struggle Once and for All, is a leading expert of holistic health and wellness. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from MIT, a PhD from Boston University, and certifications in Eating Psychology, Holistic Health Coaching, Life Coaching, and Transformational Coaching at the Mastery level.

Dr. MacLaughlin has dedicated her career to helping others lead healthier lives without dieting. As a former binge eating yo-yo dieter, she is quite familiar with the toll the struggle takes and how liberating it is to finally break free. Her holistic, practical approach is refreshing, and she embodies what she wants for you: to feel empowered, vibrant, and alive, to have fun, and to live your best life.

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