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A Nurse’s Story of Mind, Body and Career Transformation

I began my educational journey into nursing two decades ago. I was acculturated into an emotionally sterile and clinical perspective of the human mind and body. I’ve come to understand that absence of affirming the human spirit in patient care is counterintuitive to healing. Whether realized or not, practising exclusively within a medical model stirs up ethical dilemmas for nurses, or anyone working in the field of human sciences. Healthcare Professionals are burning out at […]

You Are Not Broken – You Are Worthy Exactly The Way You Are

At this phase in my life, my personal transformation and my relationship with food are most meaningful to me. In the past I have used food to reward, punish, or numb myself. I don’t want to do that going forward. I now don’t look at food as “good” or “bad”, I am looking at all food as neutral. It is just food, no judgement, no meaning unless I give it one. I know there are […]

Finding Ease through Mindful Self-Compassion

When was the last time you took some time to sit down, get quiet and check in with your own body and breath? Like, really? When was the last time you actually took the time to observe and notice without judgment what the heck was going on for you? Speaking for myself, I can say with certainty, that getting to know myself and creating a non-judgmental awareness of my own thoughts, feelings, and emotions has […]

The Universe Will Steer Your Attention Where It Needs To Be

I often find myself looking so far into the future, into the horizon, questioning life’s deepest quandaries that I miss the obvious, the overt. However, I do believe, that greater universal wisdom will eventually slap you right in the face to redirect your attention. And it’s safe to say, I have been hit hard. My disconnect with food existed long before I could know. My seeking of solace in indulgences sometimes food, sometimes shopping, sometimes […]

Overeating to Cope with Overworking

Everything we do in life, we do to feel or not feel something. And I, my dear friends, until reaching my 40s, have been the Queen of using food emotionally. But now, I have finally begun to feel my feelings instead of overeating and overworking. And as a certified food psychology coach, it’s my joy to teach other professionals and entrepreneurs to do the same. We spend a third of our lives working, supposedly. But […]

Food and Stress were Synonymous

I spent years punishing myself for feeling my feelings. Often when I would run, I felt I was running away from my life but had nowhere to go. I would refuse to buy clothes because I hated my body. I dieted constantly – moving from diet to diet, trying to find the one I could stay on and that my body liked. I would exercise 1-2½ hours, five days a week, and then find something […]

The Power of Letting Go of Body Shame and Weight Bias

I’ve undergone a lot of transformation over the last 7 years. I’ve stopped dieting, made huge breakthroughs in overeating, binge and emotional eating, lost a ton of weight (from my body and mental/emotional weight) but to be honest, I didn’t do much work around body shame.  I mean, I remember being at my heaviest weight – 225 lbs – and feeling an enormous amount of shame, the “please God, no one look at me” kind […]

My Body Reflects My Story

Why am I showing you this? In our beautiful and complex world nowadays there is a general culture of insecurity around our body, what a sadness, seems is never enough. Can it be a lifetime learning of how to love ourselves? Can it be about maturity? Between the ages of 15 and 26 years old I think was the time I criticized my body the most, just in the “golden age”. My shoulders, my nose, […]

Adriana Zangarini | Coach Especializada en Pérdida de Peso

¿Quieres perder peso y te saboteas? Yo también. Fue gracias a mis herramientas de crecimiento personal que me ayudaron a tener claridad y constancia en descubrir que pasaba. Te cuento un poco de mi. En un principio organizaba cursos de crecimiento personal en Venezuela: meditación, física cuántica, constelaciones familiares, ángeles, geometría sagrada, flores de Bach, entre otros. Todo eso me llevó a aprender muchas cosas, entre ellas cómo podía ayudar a las personas a que […]

New Tools to Empower Healing

I came into the IPE program eager to transform a life-long unhealthy relationship with food and body image and fuel my passion to help others.  Despite years of self-education in the diet and nutrition world, I would describe myself as having a love-hate relationship with food and body built on fear, control and a masculine mindset. I did not trust myself around food. I did not know how to “handle” my appetite. I was afraid […]

From War To Peace

What is meaningful to me in this phase of my life is to be true to myself and my dreams.  In the past, I often put my aspirations on hold for the way that I looked or sadly, due to how the media or others said I should look.  I have come to a point in my life where I value my life and want to make sure that other women learn to value theirs […]

Look Inward to Rise Upward

Like a caterpillar to a butterfly, it can be hard to identify what all takes place as we evolve into our own – it just happens naturally. We start out with little consciousness, go through what seems like some very long, dark, and confusing experiences of self-discovery, and then we begin to see the light as the chrysalis begins to split. This is when we can look back and thank the struggles, both influential and […]

Redefining Beauty

For the first time in my life, I am not afraid of living in my body. I don’t wish I had another body and hopefully I never will. The feeling of not being good enough, or thinking that you will not be accepted the way you are, has been a subconscious voice for the longest time. With the help of the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training I learned that I AM ENOUGH just the […]

We Can Only Heal From A Place Of Love

One day, after walking around Whole Foods for a half hour, with nothing in my cart, I went home and had a complete breakdown.  After spending 18 months committed to a gut-healing diet that wasn’t working, I felt torn between surrendering and persevering.  I was afraid that if I stopped the diet, my digestive symptoms would get worse.  And, yet, I didn’t think I could go another day of eating such a strict, boring and […]

Finding My Self-Worth

I have been called an overachiever my whole life. As a child, I continually sought the approval of the elders in my life. My greatest fear was disappointing them. It never occurred to me that having my own dreams was even a possibility. I have collected degrees, certifications and extra trainings to make me feel worthy. I have also struggled with weight and body image issues since childhood. My mind and body seemed to be […]

Finding Strength through Self-Care

About 12 years ago, my life was turned upside down with a Cancer Diagnosis that became the catalyst for a huge transformation in how I viewed my own health.  At the time I was newly married and had a couple of teenage kids, working full time as a Personal Assistant in the Corporate arena.  I was a workaholic, and my health was not my priority – but the way I looked was, and my mind […]

Learning to live in the now!

Have you ever heard the term destination addiction? Destination addiction: The belief that life will be SO much better when you are thin (or when you are less stressed, have more money, aren’t in quarantine anymore etc) In all honesty, I get it. It is easy to think if outward circumstances were different, we would be happier. I lived under a impression of being broken for many years. For a long time I felt like […]

Loving the body you’re in

In my life, I was *always* aware of how my body looked different from everyone around me. I was called “thick” or “big boned” when I’m actually neither of those. I’m quite petite! But I developed young compared to my sisters and peers, and people didn’t know how to respond to those changes in a healthy way. I’ve carried the pain of those comments well into adulthood. I spent my youth being self-conscious about my […]

Learning to Listen

I was brought up with the belief that my brain should be the primary source of my knowledge, wisdom, and trust. I followed cognition over intuition and my thoughts became my beliefs, truth, and reality. This translated directly to a mistrust of my own body. I listened to dietary “expert” advice, followed every fad diet promoted on commercials and tv, and believed that the only “right” type of body was the one that I saw […]

I’m moving into my “Queen-dom”

As young girls mature into their teenage years, it is quite common to be concerned with one’s shape and size. As women, we tend to compare ourselves to one another. And as teenagers we don’t “know better” and understand what really matters in life. But as time goes on, it’s critical to learn to incorporate balance in life. Another key lesson is to recognize the importance of knowing one’s own values and priorities. I’d say […]

You and Your Body – A Reconciliation

During this time of separating ourselves from others, we have a unique opportunity to make one very vital connection – a connection that can improve our physical and emotional health, but one that many of us have neglected or even damaged. Let me first say that we humans are made for connection. We are made for relationship. Many of us spend at least a little time cultivating some form of connection – with God, our […]

Love Yourself, Love Your Body

Does this sound familiar? Trying on clothes, seeing a photo of yourself, or looking in the mirror, and thinking,“I hate my body.” You are not alone. In one survey, 97% of women reported that they have an “I hate my body” moment every day. Think about how much energy we waste agonizing over how we look. Just take a few days and pay attention to all the unkind thoughts about your body you (and other […]

Comfort Eating – Honor It, Rather Than Resist It

Comfort eating is not a “bad” behavior. We’ve all done it, and for good reason! My intention here is to open your mind to a more positive and overlooked practice, which is: To acknowledge the beautiful lessons that comfort eating holds, and to honor its purpose in a healthy way. Here’s why this matters… When we try to ignore our feeling driven behaviors, we do ourselves a disservice. Any time the human brain searches for […]

The Importance of Understanding Your Why!

What’s the first thought that pops into your head when someone talks about New Years resolutions?⭐️ If you are anything like I have been, you may think of weight loss. Right? The thing about a New Years resolution though is that the mood you were in when making that resolution passes. Doesn’t it? Therefore, it is pretty important to get to the root of your why! Why do you want to make the change? What […]

Win Your Fight with Food for Good

Imagine waking up one day having no more food fear. Unwanted thoughts around food or your body no longer linger in your mind. You can eat what you desire without obsessive, excessive planning… without attachment. YES. It’s POSSIBLE! I don’t remember the last time I woke up having my very first thoughts be on food. Maybe this sounds familiar to you… What can I eat today? I’m so mad at myself for what I ate […]

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