How My Inner Resources Rescued Me

We are often too far away from our own inner self. Due to this, we tend to look for answers on the outside and this often leaves us disappointed and dejected. Our own inner resources are extremely rich inside but we still look outside of ourselves without trying to look inside ourselves.

It’s very important to develop this skill of examining ourselves, the sooner we do it, the better. People sometimes name it a passion or a hobby to start with but this begins to convert into something that enriches our soul and hearts.
Since childhood I have been a keen reader and have always loved to write. There was time in my life when I was struggling with my health, relationship and just the world around me. I felt like I was invisible with no voice of my own. My physical body started to show the signs of what I felt. My skin and hair dried out, I gained lots of weight and I was constantly ill.
Initially I tried to heal the world around me without working on myself. That lead to a lot of anger, frustration and judgment from others. I felt like I was drowning and had to save myself with no help.

Slowly, I began to look inside of me and of what had been hurt or damaged. I started to witness it, embrace it and owned it fully.
Then came the stage where I was tired of finding answers outside of me. I started digging further inside. Eventually, I started writing and reading again.

I started playing with art, I started running and moving my body more, which made me feel alive, and I started giving myself quiet time to allow myself to reflect on how I am doing.
My world changed slowly but it’s an ongoing process. You must find your gem and use your own power again.
What I’ve been through has inspired me to write about my experiences. I am working on a book which focuses on about finding your inner resources. I don’t have a purpose to fix anyone but to see my own growth, chapter by chapter in the most organic and authentic way.

Remember when we are on path of recovery, some books and people become our resources too. So it might help someone, but my sole purpose of writing is to see how valuable it is to have our inner resources. I am loving the process of it and it’s a part of my healing and wisdom too.

I am one of few personal trainers in Hampshire, UK who combine the knowledge of fitness, wellness, lifestyle and bio mechanics to deliver a customized program for my clients. I coach people to reach their true potential through Movement, Nutrition, and Mental, Emotional and Spiritual well being. I believe coaching should happen in a friendly and relaxed manner. I specialize in coaching people who have diet issues, digestive problems, mood issues, depression, weight and body image issues, fatigue, or stress. I have my unique way of working through all this. I help people to identify their true potential through visualization and acknowledging their self-sabotaging beliefs.

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