How Surrender Fuels Me

I’ve been a professional counselor / healer for 19 years, and what fascinates me is that the concerns my clients present and the concepts I find useful for true transformation continue to mirror and shape my own relationship with food, my body and soul growth. There is a myth floating around that says once a person starts to work with a subject professionally, their own personal journey around that subject is completely “healed” or “over.”

I am continually enlightened, and grateful, that this is not the case.

The piece that is most meaningful for me right now about my own relationship with my body (and my personal evolution) is that I’ve surrendered to the fact that it WILL change, and those changes will be affected by many delightful and unforeseen factors.

What I know is that I have a “baseline” now; a fundamental and positive orientation to myself, my body image and my personal power that exists like a low level, steady electrical current. That foundation has been set after many years of personal body struggle and nose-dives into deep questions around my purpose on this earth.

This foundation guides my diet and self-care choices daily, and keeps me calm, peaceful and healthy as a general state. This foundation is the undercurrent that guides my path, but it doesn’t prevent the waves of influencers that sometimes drive me into a realm of feeling not so great about my body or going through phases of poor food choices.

The unforeseen factors mentioned above that can greatly influence my food-body-soul path are the ones that may come through exposure to new and exciting concepts or simply through my journey of handling emotions and “digesting” life. The pain that a client presents may ignite in me a new “pain” that I didn’t even know was there. Then, I may find a transformative tool from another teacher and in the process of testing it and understanding it, find that a bit of truth I had relied on for myself gets poked into and tested.

So the beauty of this is that I continually prove one core belief to be true: My relationship with food is a catalyst / portal for my own growth and it will consistently change! The more I surrender to this truth, the more I gain benefit from this elusive food – body – soul journey. And the more benefit I receive, the more peaceful I become just living in the surrender.

That’s how surrender fuels me!

Cynthia Stadd, EPC


Cynthia Stadd struggled with weight, compulsive eating, and chronic health concerns for years before discovering a healing approach that actually works! With 18+ years of experience in holistic nutrition and food relationship coaching, she guides her clients and audiences to understand food and common human behaviors in a way that goes way beyond modern nutritional teaching. She is a professional speaker with the National Speaker’s Association (NSA), leading interactive and humorous presentations across the U.S. Cynthia wrote a self-branded nutrition and wellness column for, and currently teaches her powerful online program, End Your Food War: Reclaim Your Weight, Health & Peace. She works with private clients all over the world virtually.
Cynthia lives in Broomfield, CO with her fiance, some kids and 2 dogs. The big one is “Omega,” named after the nutrient “Omega 3 Fatty Acid” to prove what a nutrition nerd she really is.

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