Ending The Cycle Of Pain

I was a drug addict before I learned to walk. The nurse that took care of my twin sister and I drugged us so we wouldn’t cry. My voice was snuffed out from the very beginning.
This was the inception of the perpetual sadness, and the belief that I don’t belong and that I had no voice, that would follow me for years.

When you find something in the world that irks you and then realize how the pain in your story has equipped you to contribute change to that issue, you’ve discovered your purpose.

I Believe that no matter what we’re all looking for – whether it be Fame, Fortune, A Great Body – no matter what it is, what we’re All, Universally, really looking for is a FEELING and that feeling is Happiness. We’re looking for our VOICE and True Expression.

It irks me that no one seems to find Happiness. We look to outer things to acquire this feeling, but Happiness isn’t something you are. It’s something you do. It’s a choice. It cannot come to you. It can only come from you.
Millions are struggling with weight, food and body. When something’s happening to millions of people, something’s up.

My Mom was very heavy and as a little girl I witnessed her being teased by my Dad. To me, being thin equaled being Loved.

I grew up in a Home that lacked Love, Affection and Happiness. This has made me Loyal, Reliable and Caring.
I am committed to ending the cycle of pain in my lineage and in as much of the World as I can.

My name is Judy Legare. I reside in Delray Beach, Florida. I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology/Sociology and am a Certified Mind Body/Eating Psychology Coach and Weight Loss Coach.

I always had a fear of gaining weight, as My Mom was very heavy and as a little girl, I witnessed her being teased by My Dad. I believed that I needed to be thin in order to be Loved. This was very painful and has fueled me to Help Others with Weight.

My intention is to inspire both Men and Women to be the best and Highest Version of Themselves.

Just Ask Jude

Email: Justaskjude@gmail.com
Phone: (775) 846-0075

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