Self Care vs. Self Sabotage – How to know the difference between ‘Treat Yo Self’ and ‘Going Overboard’

I’m the Queen of “Everything in Moderation.” Since I used to personally struggle with binge eating, it’s still really important for me not to feel restricted around food in any way. If I start judging myself about what I’m eating, or tell myself to not eat something, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m definitely going to eat it.

There are instances where I work with clients, and I feel like it would be best for them to try an elimination diet because I suspect they have food allergies and sensitivities. There are also times where I will hear a client say, “I’m like, addicted to cheese” or “I can’t imagine not having my two glasses of wine at night” where I can sense that these habits are not really serving them any longer.

Which leads me to the question – How did I learn the difference between “Treat Yo Self” – it’s been a long day and I deserve it, and “Going Overboard” – I’m going to feel like crap after I eat this but I’m going to do it anyways?

With my background as a Mind Body Eating Coach and Yoga Teacher, I believe Presence has taught me how to differentiate these two circumstances. When a person binge/over eats it’s fast, furious, and out of control. They are looking for a release of tension and food is their way out. It probably feels absolutely wonderful at the beginning of the binge. Finally something that tastes good, that helps me relax, and fills me up with pleasure. But then, as the person continues to eat, the food stops tasting as good. Relaxation turns back into stress because of all the calories just consumed. And pleasure turns into pain, a bloated and stuffed belly.

Cue “Going Overboard”.

In my experience, we overeat or binge eat when we are not giving ourselves full permission to eat whatever it is in the first place. We have all this judgment and fear and guilt about the food, even thinking about it, yet we always end up eating it anyways.

So what if I were to tell you, that you could eat the exact same foods, just in a completely different way. What if all food was neutral? There were no ‘good foods’ or ‘bad foods’, just food. And since all food is neutral, that means you get to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, however much you want, BUT there was ONE rule. There was ONE catch to the whole experience.

Want to know what it is?

You have to stay present and feel good the entire time.

That’s it.

You have to feel good before you start eating. You have to feel good while you are eating. And you have to feel good after you are done eating.

How do you feel good about the food eating experience? Love it up. Be grateful for whatever food you do choose to eat. Make the decision to eat based off of Love, Pleasure & Nourishment. Eat slow enough that you can suck and swallow all the joy out of the food, and into your cells. Stop eating when you get the intuitive nudge that even just one more bite, wouldn’t feel as good as the last.

Trust yourself and choose an eating experience based off of Presence and Feelings.

Macy Graham is a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach, Lifestyle Design Coach & Yoga Teacher who specializes in helping women, who binge or emotionally eat, gain their power back with coaching packages that include private coaching (recorded phone sessions), mindful movement videos and group coaching calls. Macy is most passionate about helping women smash self-sabotage and use that energy towards self improvement and creating a life they love. Please visit her website at for more info or email You can also find @hungryoga on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube!

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