Chasing the perfect body? You’re not alone, and there’s a better way!

I wish it weren’t true… but we are indeed surrounded by conflicting messages about food, body image & health. I’ve personally lost precious time, energy and love chasing the perfect body. I’ve experienced anxiety and fear related to weight obsessing, striving to eat “healthy” food all the time, compulsive/binge eating, and emotional isolation. In other words, I empathize with those who can’t picture a life without worrying about food, stressing into resistance with food, and waking up in guilt and frustration about what was eaten the day before. The hardest part is, even though 9 out of 10 women dislike their appearance… and millions of people are on a diet… this way of living can still feel so incredibly lonely.

What I know now is that we ALL have the power to claim health and lifelong happiness by releasing perfection, building positive relationships with food and with self. The world today makes this near impossible, which is why asking for guidance is not a sign of weakness, it’s an act of courage.

The most meaningful thing for me is remembering there’s a difference between letting go of food that doesn’t serve you… and restricting a food because it’s “bad”. Food is food. It has the energy to hurt us or nourish us, however, it is NOT more powerful than us. We get to decide how and why we eat. No one has the authority to tell you what is right or wrong… not even me!

My turning point into a more positive, nourished relationship with food was when I realized the pain of abusing myself with food was no longer acceptable to the “small” part of me who truly loved and appreciated myself. It slowly sunk in that attempting fad diets and letting the scale rule my universe wasn’t helping me get where I wanted to go. Eventually, that “small” part of me grew and grew over time. My wish is to guide as many individuals as I can into a place of harmony in their mind, body, and kitchen.

An exercise that brings me back on track when I’m feeling unsure of my motives is to journal; I love writing letters to myself.

Can you think of a time when someone shared a beautiful compliment about you? It felt really sweet in the moment, but then your own negativity and doubt drowned out any positive words you just heard? Yeah, me too. Your own thoughts are powerful, so I love the idea of self-affirmation. It’s never arrogant or egotistical to do this… it’s human. Let yourself embrace those compliments to yourself. Talk about your physical qualities that you like, personality traits, quirks, accomplishments, strengths. Let it flow from your pen onto paper, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel at first. Then, read it aloud to yourself. No judgments. No editing as you write. No modesty. Be honest with yourself and own it! You’re worth it, love.

Lindsey Antman

Insightful. Passionate. Empathetic.

Lindsey Antman is a holistic wellness & eating psychology coach, and the founder of Mind Body Kitchen. Lindsey also holds a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics. When she’s not enjoying time with her loved ones in the kitchen, or savoring new flavors at a local restaurant, you can find her at the studio practicing and teaching yoga.

Lindsey’s mission is helping people gain clarity in their relationship with food and learn how to nourish their body in a sustainable way. Her goal is to make an impact through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, workshops, and teaching yoga. You can follow her on Instagram @mindbody_kitchen and find her on Facebook

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