The Art Of Deeper Listening

My body has been talking to me for years through digestive issues, weight gain and lack of energy. I partially listened by changing my diet and following various diet protocols, little did i know that enrolling for Mind Body Eating psychology was going to take my journey to a deeper level of understanding myself more as a conscious eater and improve my relationship with food, mind and body.

I now know there’s something that has been missing in my wellness journey which is a concept of body wisdom and paying attention to body feedback WOW what a gift to know that I can fully trust my own body intelligence and patiently work with it without judging. My curious nature and the willingness to stay open minded has truly helped me to shift my mindset from daily weighing myself, food and labelling what I eat as good or bad which to me was all enforcing the perfectionism, nutritional toxic beliefs that I had unknowingly embraced throughout my adulthood.

I have turned to embodying the Queen in Training stage and allowing the journey to unfold at its natural pace. Today I bless the unwanted challenges of weight, life stresses and pay more attention on what divine messages I am being called to pay attention to. As a yoga teacher and a nutritional guide my intention is to meet my practitioners/clients where they are at with gentleness and more understanding that we are all designed differently.

In moments where I catch myself defaulting to my old habits, I notice and lovingly reel myself back by using these tools (slowing down, meditation, breathing, allow myself to feel the feelings, give myself a squeeze hug because I am human). I am committed to this body of work because I am a work in progress and now I know I don’t have to know it all to be of service to others just one step ahead. I truly believe I am equipped through my life journey and with this training tools to share my gifts with the world.


Born to serve. From working in HR for over 10 years in South Africa until I moved to Thailand in 2016 my path changed due to my health state of struggling with weight and digestive issues which led to me being diagnosed with H.Pylori and prescribed to take antibiotics for 6 months. I felt drawn to become my own scientist/researcher in the world of nutrition and wellness. I took matters to my own hands by changing my lifestyle through diet, and practicing yoga that shifted my health state from suffering to thriving. I practiced various forms of yoga and I felt more at home with hot yoga hence I trained as a teacher and started teaching as soon as I completed my training. Eating well and taking good care of my body has been something that matters to me and I started helping other people on the basics of living a similar lifestyle to mine but I didn’t feel fully competent on this realm because I was mainly focusing on WHAT, HOW MUCH AND WHEN to eat. 

This approach for me that was limiting and I wanted to offer more so I discovered Mind Body Eating Psychology Coaching course which has been a game changer for me. My goal is to continue to teach yoga and now incorporate the Mind Body Nutrition to my offering of services.

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