Redefining Beauty

For the first time in my life, I am not afraid of living in my body. I don’t wish I had another body and hopefully I never will. The feeling of not being good enough, or thinking that you will not be accepted the way you are, has been a subconscious voice for the longest time. With the help of the Mind Body Eating Coach Certification Training I learned that I AM ENOUGH just the way I am and for the first time I’m starting to believe it.

And now I want to help others realise this and learn to believe it….

At this point in my life when I’m allowing a higher purpose/code to guide my life, I’ve realised that I’m so much more than the way I look, my weight, or my figure. I’m a Divine Being who has incarnated on Planet Earth to find my spark and live a wholesome, fulfilling life. And for me, that starts with spreading love and shining light. In ancient texts, it is believed that Planet Earth is the heart chakra of the Solar System, no wonder LOVE is such a big deal on Earth, and in all honesty, it is the answer. The infinite love that stems from inside us is not based upon the way we look, it’s so much more. And when we begin to love ourselves unconditionally, we become beacons of Divine Love.

With that being said, I believe that we must treat our body with the respect it deserves, honour it like a place of worship. It is our job to feed ourselves with real, whole, proper foods that give us energy and not deplete us. Feed ourselves food that comes directly from Mother Natures’ lap and not from a packet. Nourish our bodies and have a good relationship with ourselves so that we can live whole and complete lives, and be able to do what we were born on Earth to do.

Having an overly dependent relationship with food and being body-shamed as a child, led me to disembody at a very young age. When I worked in a kitchen as a chef, I realised how toxic this relationship with food was and wanted to cure myself of food addiction. I soon realised that I wanted to cure something I can’t be addicted to but overly dependent on. And after doing a lot of inner work and learning the most life-changing bits of wisdom from this course, I realised that I can help others like me, because this is a problem of the world that I personalised at a very young age.

When I get disconnected from what’s important, it usually translates to self-rejection and self-abandonment. When I see the signs I tell myself to STOP because it doesn’t help, rather I need to feel my feelings and step out of self-pity to focus on personal power. Meditation, yoga and connecting with the Divine really helps me get back on track and I think that all of us can benefit from a connection with something greater than us.

A lot of times our lives are ruled by weight loss, the way we look in a picture or the angle of our face cut. We’re after a perfection fed to us through movies and media. A perfection that drives us crazy and causes us to constantly judge ourselves and others based on shape. We’ve been fed acceptable beauty standards by the media and it has left no place for personal beauty expression.

What I think really helps is redefining beauty. That’s why when I see plus-sized models and not the stereotypical skinny ones, I see hope and some sort of acceptance that may be coming our way. The only way forward is change, a place where we all feel a little more accepted and not judged by the way we look.

With all this being said, it’s never too late to take our emotional, mental, social, spiritual and physical health back into our hands and live your life to the fullest. Because remember, we are so much more than what meets the eye, we’re infinite beings of Divine Light, Divine Love, and Divine Power.


I am a Mind Body Eating Coach and I coach individuals to better navigate their personal relationship with food and body. I work with weight loss, poor body image, binge eating, overeating, digestive issues and provide a meal plan according to my client’s body type. I believe in the “No one size fits all” approach and use my knowledge of Ayurveda to help individuals. I use a holistic approach which includes meditation because we are whole beings in Mind, Body, and Spirit. I teach people so that they can teach themselves to listen to and understand their own body because we are our own greatest teachers. I believe in whole, raw, and real foods and try and instill the idea in people that the fresh foods that Mother Nature gives us, has the most amount of energy or prana, and that is what keeps us alive on Planet Earth.

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