My Body Reflects My Story

Why am I showing you this?

In our beautiful and complex world nowadays there is a general culture of insecurity around our body, what a sadness, seems is never enough.

Can it be a lifetime learning of how to love ourselves?

Can it be about maturity?

Between the ages of 15 and 26 years old I think was the time I criticized my body the most, just in the “golden age”. My shoulders, my nose, cellulite, hair, and the list goes on, such a waste of time, what nonsense!

Today, al my 35 years old, I can say honestly that I love every inch of my body, I feel 100% grateful for all the experience it has given to me, from walking, eating, feeling pleasure, feeling pain, practicing sports, breathing deep, practice yoga, sitting down, run, get sick and recover, experience and feel life and its journey, see my first wrinkles, and the best part gives birth to two beautiful humans being.

A simple example A vain example, having to deprive yourself of putting on a bikini or a short t-shirt for being “flaccid”, hating your figure to the point of being ashamed of it.

I ask them: Shame on what? To have been a mother? To have a few extra kilos? Of not being able to exercise? For having stretch marks? For not having a “six-pack”?

I look at myself and I love it, I feel like a woman! With a body that tells a story that sustains my entire existence. What machine can overcome the wonder and mystery of the human body? Your body! A unique and perfect genetic mix.

Being at this point of self-love has been a journey, is not an easy task with all the media hitting on us every day of how we shut or do not look like. Empower your body and love it just for being here with you every day, working for you, teaching you, and for those to get the best experience of bean alive.

Don’t waste your time attacking yourself, life is short when we change our point of view, love is everywhere

As a Mind Body Eating Coach, I will walk with you through your fear of not being enough using our relationship with food and body as a mirror of your life finding the key to freedom.

I have many tools in my suitcase to help you find your way, but most important is I’m very committed to your higher goals, I involved all my senses to listen to you and find what is your uniqueness and empower you like the gift of life you are.


I have been working and exploring ways of eating, nutrition, diets, and spirituality for over 15 years and deeply understand the uniqueness of every person. I consider myself diet agnostic and believe there is a way for everyone to eat as an individual.

I’m a yoga instructor, Ayurveda therapist, and certified Mind Body Eating Coach and I’m here to explore with you the best practices that work for your mind, body, and soul.

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