Transforming Body Image: A Spiritual Journey to Self-love and Healing

It was a spiritual awakening that transformed my body image and the challenges I faced with weight. As I entered seventh grade, the changes in my body triggered a growing unease about my weight. By ninth grade, I found myself caught in a cycle of trying to lose weight. Initially, I thought it would help me improve as an athlete; however, it spiraled into a harmful pattern of calorie restriction and excessive exercise.

For me, the turning point came when I hit rock bottom. I was on the verge of fading away, and I knew something had to change. I made a pact with God and a commitment with the Universe that I would value my body and life. It was this shift that brought inspiration and renewed energy to make real changes.

Inspiration in Latin means “breathe into,” and I literally felt like air was being put back into my being, and I was being breathed back into my existence. It was inspiration that fueled me to go the distance on my healing journey.

My first step was to stop making food my enemy and get in the right relationship with food. I approached this process similarly to healing a broken relationship – by slowly rebuilding trust. So, I decided to date food again. I gave myself the space to figure things out, slowly learning to trust my instincts and embracing my appetite. This put me into a relaxation 

response so healing could happen.

I learned that it takes a community of support and grace to heal. My friends and family played a crucial role in guiding me to a point where I could confront my fears and have my day of reckoning. No one else could do that part for me. In essence, my spiritual awakening became the guiding force that not only mended my relationship with food but also transformed my body image.  

You don’t have to be at death’s door or hit rock bottom to experience a breakthrough. By dropping into your heart you can connect to inspiration. It’s from this deeper place you access your aliveness and the blueprint for your healing journey. 

The heart holds the answers. 


Hey there, I’m Natalie, and for over two decades, I’ve been guiding others toward living their best lives. In my teenage years, I grappled with weight challenges that sparked a journey to heal and, in turn, ignited my passion for empowering others. I’m all about a kind and inspiring approach to help individuals conquer health goals.

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