From War To Peace

What is meaningful to me in this phase of my life is to be true to myself and my dreams.  In the past, I often put my aspirations on hold for the way that I looked or sadly, due to how the media or others said I should look.  I have come to a point in my life where I value my life and want to make sure that other women learn to value theirs too.

This is not about perfectionism, it is about striving for excellence and that has nothing to do with looks, it is living for your own true core values and way of life.

I had a turning point and that came from adversity and an eating disorder that caused me to struggle.  I came to a point where I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing, missing out on opportunities for the past, what others might say or what I thought of myself, so I decided to just get out there and make life happen.

It has been a very spiritual experience in turning the corner from where I was to where I am today.  This experience includes learning to value life while not dieting and trying to make myself the perfect ‘ideal woman’ when it comes to looks but to make way for me to be able to help more women through my own adversity.

At times I disconnect from what is meaningful to me and the clear decisions, commitments, and actions that are needed. This is also a spiritual aspect of the journey of life where it is important to me to do what I am called to do so I turn things around and make way for a new or improved approach to be able to rise up in my own life and get back on track. I make sure to remind myself that I am worthy and deserve the life of my dreams.

I see many people struggling with purpose and spiritual connection.  They have behaviours that are aligned with checking out of their bodies or life while struggling to be able to live their true calling because they are struggling within themselves.  I think these challenges are there as a teacher and can guide and sometimes form destiny while also being the very thing that causes many of these people, including me, to succeed.  My own experience with an eating disorder where I woke up one day and decided to change led me to a place of understanding what people need and what I need.

I can offer these words of wisdom and that is to be connected to your own spiritual calling and make that a practical journey where you create the results you want in life.  Be sure to know how powerful you are as you can overcome anything and don’t allow a diagnosis to stop you.

Make way for a new life and a world where you are destined to succeed.


I am the founder of Battle Babes Fitness which is derived from my military experience and my own battle and war with an eating disorder, body image challenges, weight concerns, and struggles with fitness.  I advocate for women to be able to live their lives fully regardless of what they look like.  As a fitness professional who has faced weight concerns myself, I understand the pressures on women, and I know that it’s time to let that go.  Within each person there is a true destiny and when lived, all obstacles seem surmountable.  My work is with women and I believe that there is much that can be done in this day and age for the way women see themselves and Battle Babes Fitness is to unearth their true beauty regardless of weight, body shape, size and fitness levels.

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