This is Not You

When I think about my journey towards fitness, I clearly remember when and how I started. It started with comments from people around me who judged me for the way I used to look. I was called an elephant once, but then it triggered a desire in me to transform my physical personality. I started looking after myself and slowly this passion grew and developed in to a career. I started running classes and doing personal training, but somewhere inside me I was still struggling to be become my best because any and every course I attended were full of women with fabulous figures and super fit.

I always felt that I needed to learn to become fit and look desirable. I achieved that, too, by restricting my diet and working out hard, but to my surprise it didn’t give me that happiness which I was looking for. Instead I felt I became a bitter judgmental person, judging people around and their lifestyle.

Then one day, I looked myself in mirror and I saw my beautiful, authentic heart, which was hiding inside me telling me “This is not you, Archna.” I slowly learnt to relax and accept who I am. Coming from India settled in UK, the need to be accepted by everyone with my strong Indian accent also was not my priority now.

Things which really worked for me was that I trusted my own body wisdom, my own intuition towards food and my willingness to accept myself as I am. For that I ditched weighing machine completely for months.
I started eating on rhythm but then always heard what my body is asking or craving for. On my list there was no good food or bad food and the more I tuned to my body I started eating food which sustained me longer and I started feeling healthy and vibrant. I started meditating, walking in nature for my connection with myself. I start nourishing my body with some soul food which I use to eat while growing up and I noticed how and why I need it from time to time. Food which my ancestors had lived upon became my stable diet. I started enjoying movement which bought life in me rather than guilt or punishment.

I truly understood that by embracing my own feminine fully, I become whole. It is hard to be authentic when the world around you pushes you to become someone else. But trust me it’s worth it.

Today, I am a coach who offers authenticity and wholeness. I endorse that nothing is broken inside us. Once I accepted myself fully, things started happening. My relationship with food changed, my movement or exercise became fun to me and not a punishment. Days when I am tired or my body wants to relax I take off, I eat not just for calories or nutrient but sometime I know its time to nourish my soul.

As an Coach in Eating Psychology I have not only learnt this but my belief has become stronger towards one’s authenticity and wholeness. We need to listen to our body’s wisdom. Our body speaks to us. Listen to it. It has its own language. The idea is to listen intently and embrace the change that is required to make it whole again.

I am mother of grown up kids and in my 40s now. I think I am doing great, I act like a queen now. I am authentic not fearful anymore of who I should be because now I know who I am.

Archna Mohan

Authentic. Flowing. Feminine energy.

I am one of few personal trainers in Hampshire, UK who combine the knowledge of fitness, wellness, lifestyle and bio mechanics to deliver a customized program for my clients. I coach people to reach their true potential through Movement, Nutrition, and Mental, Emotional and Spiritual well being. I believe coaching should happen in a friendly and relaxed manner. I specialize in coaching people who have diet issues, digestive problems, mood issues, depression, weight and body image issues, fatigue, or stress. I have my unique way of working through all this. I help people to identify their true potential through visualization and acknowledging their self-sabotaging beliefs.

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