The Practice of Eating

One of the quotes that I learned during the IPE Coach Certification Training
that resonated with me was: “How we eat is just as important as what we eat.” Before I heard this saying, I was consumed by nutrition facts and was obsessed with only eating foods that I had decided were “good” for me and felt awful about myself when I slipped and ate foods that I decided were “bad” for me. How I ate never figured into the equation.

When I thought deeply about how I ate I realized that I rarely payed attention. Nearly every time that I ate, I was also doing something else. I grew up eating dinner on TV trays in front of the tube. I ate breakfast in the car or while reading the newspaper. At my job I always ate while working at my computer. Even at family dinners I my mind would wander and take me somewhere else.

I have since had a paradigm shift about my own eating. I treat eating much the same way that I treat yoga. Eating is a practice. I continually test and explore and am curious to see what foods nourish my body. The biggest part of my practice is to slow down with food and be aware when I eat which has strengthened my mind body connection. If I do become distracted while eating, I am compassionate with myself and remember that there is always the next meal to practice. When I am aware, I have the power to tune out the noise from all of the information that is available about food and nutrition that says I should or shouldn’t eat something. When I am mindful I can relax, enjoy and experience pleasure when I eat. This new awareness that I have with food has helped me to also be more aware in life. When I am out of my head, my authentic self surfaces.

Mary Hall


Mary completed IPE Coach Certification Training in October of 2017. She currently gives seminars about Mind Body Nutrition. In the fall Mary will further develop her relationship with food and body by taking a course to become a yoga instructor. Mary’s ultimate goal is to share what she has learned about Mind Body nutrition to help others find peace and happiness with food, body and life.

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