The Importance of Understanding Your Why!

What’s the first thought that pops into your head when someone talks about New Years resolutions?⭐️

If you are anything like I have been, you may think of weight loss. Right?

The thing about a New Years resolution though is that the mood you were in when making that resolution passes. Doesn’t it?

Therefore, it is pretty important to get to the root of your why!

Why do you want to make the change? What will it mean for you to get to your goal?

An important thing for you to realize is that it is important for you to understand the feeling that you hope to achieve by reaching your goal. Because that feeling part of our brain is what drives our motor cortex to actually act upon that desire.

For myself, I have realized I just want to feel accepted and validated. And what better person to ask for acceptance from than yourself.

You are the one person you can for sure count on…If you decide to choose to love the person you were created to be.

(Plus – when you respect yourself, others tend to respect you more as well!?) ????????‍♀️

What about you? What feeling do you hope to achieve by reaching your goal?

Drop a comment below to share. I love to hear from you!❤️


Jen Seiter


I spent almost 25 years searching for the perfect diet to get me to that perfect number so I could finally be happy. However when I finally got there a few years ago, I couldn’t believe i didn’t feel any better about myself and it was such a struggle to stay at goal. So then I began my search for the answer to why it was such a struggle. I began to understand that if I still thought the same way, I’d eat the same way. It’s a process of unlearning old ways and thought patterns and learning new ones. But I’m so grateful to get results that last beyond a number on the scale!

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