The Importance of Intention

When I first went to college (quite some time ago) having heard you can be whatever you want to be…I took many different prerequisites and I looked into a lot of career paths but I never did finish any programs in that phase of my life. (I didn’t have a focus so I didn’t reach any particular goal)

If you’re thinking, I hear you…that’s me too. You may be curious about what I’m doing differently now!? Well, I think it’s important for you to know that our subconscious brain is responsible for 95% of brain activity.

Since the subconscious mind simply obeys the commands of the conscious brain to make your behavior fit a pattern consistent with the desires of the conscious brain – it’s then quite relevant what the conscious brain’s 5% is focused on.

Before I understood this I didn’t even have any dreams because i thought there was no way I could achieve what I wanted. So for me this information was life changing.

I hope by reading this you too can realize. It’s ok to have dreams, big dreams. Because seriously if you think you can do it, you can. Shoot for the stars, my friend.

Jen Seiter


I spent almost 25 years searching for the perfect diet to get me to that perfect number so I could finally be happy. However when I finally got there a few years ago, I couldn’t believe i didn’t feel any better about myself and it was such a struggle to stay at goal. So then I began my search for the answer to why it was such a struggle. I began to understand that if I still thought the same way, I’d eat the same way. It’s a process of unlearning old ways and thought patterns and learning new ones. But I’m so grateful to get results that last beyond a number on the scale!

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