How to Stay in Tune with Your Wisdom

I have entered a phase in my life where my personal growth has taken a precedence over my family. I am a mother whose children are in the process of leaving home and now things that mattered to me, but were relegated in the priority list, are now important – my health, my well-being, my passions, my work. Some people feel, in this fast-tracked world, I have been left behind and it is too late for me to start. The truth is, I had never left these ever in the last two decades – they were very much happening. At their own pace. I was working on wellness, health and life-styles by gaining knowledge on them, blogging about them, experimenting on myself and with a few select clients.

What started 20 years back, when I noticed my health and my self esteem going downhill, is a journey of self awareness. Of knowing what is important to me. Identifying options for improvement, testing them and making them a habit. There were innumerable excuses to get me off the track. Many people feel they do not have the will power, or it is too late or they do not trust themselves to go through it. What mattered in my case was my self-belief. The trust in myself which fostered consistency, inspiration, reflection and honestly. And all the while, I was raising two young kids.

As humans, we get sidetracked from things which matters us to more. I embrace my imperfection and do not chase perfection. I do my best each day; not just for a time frame. Let me give you an example. If you are not doing great with your eating or exercise, do not punish yourself or shame yourself. Rather, go back to the basics, like cooking at home. Simple food, not processed. Go for walks, swimming or dancing, whatever fancies you. Slowly it will trigger the bigger things which your body is capable to do. It brings back the rhythm. As a coach I believe in my own body-wisdom and it has always worked for me.

I see many people struggling with their weight, health, self-esteem because they chase quick-fixes. They invest all the energies in these quick fixes with the result that after few months they are drained and completely exhausted. Whatever results they might have achieved gets lost as it never became a habit. A short-term fix is good for a short time. Your body is shocked and reacts they way you want – like losing some weight. But with it comes an emotional message – you cannot achieve anything without ‘punishing’ yourself. This message is completely antithesis to human behaviour. As humans, we cherish pleasure not pain. Pain, if attached, will not last longer. And that is the key why most short-term fixes fail.

Do not rush onto anything you want to achieve. A baby takes 9 months to be born. And more time to learn to walk, talk and learn. Learn from the living around you. Learn to surrender, do the good work, have a belief in yourself and your actions. Learn to love them, embrace them. Your results will follow. Do not jump from one diet to another, one form of exercise to other. Trust in basic and simple things first. Slowly you can master many complicated things too. We are human; we can slip. Trust your wisdom to come back again. Maintain a journal where you can truthfully write about each day. This is a great way of keeping yourself in track. Celebrate each small stepping stone.

I am #passionate #inspiring and #truthful and that has made me stand tall and has resulted in tapping by own wisdom.

Archna Mohan

Passionate. Inspiring. Truthful.

I am one of few personal trainers in Hampshire, UK who combine the knowledge of fitness, wellness, lifestyle and bio mechanics to deliver a customized program for my clients. I coach people to reach their true potential through Movement, Nutrition, and Mental, Emotional and Spiritual well being. I believe coaching should happen in a friendly and relaxed manner. I specialize in coaching people who have diet issues, digestive problems, mood issues, depression, weight and body image issues, fatigue, or stress. I have my unique way of working through all this. I help people to identify their true potential through visualization and acknowledging their self-sabotaging beliefs.

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