From Restriction to Lightness

These days, it always takes me a moment to really feel what kind of relationship with food I have now. Because it has turned into a subtle, very dignified and light flow of loving energy. It´s almost like a true friendship that fills your heart with joyful love, yet never pushes itself to the fore.

To me, this really feels like a miracle! Not only was I convinced for so many years that I may not ever be able to feel free around food and my body, but I also couldn’t imagine that – when it happened – it would be in such a wonderful, loving and respectful way. After spending so much time and life energy on feeling locked-in and bound to lose when it comes to food, I feel light now for the first time since I was a little child. And, I am overwhelmed to feel this natural lightness and no longer be addicted to the fake lightness you feel when you try to starve, restrict and punish yourself.

And like most wonderful things, this feels so different than anyone could have projected. Once I dared to open up and let love into my relationship with food and my body, I was amazed and blown away by the waves of energy, love and support I got and continue to get back every single day. All the shame, guilt and dark thoughts I
thought would always be my burden to bear for life, are now also held within this strong, yet subtle kind of love. Somehow, all that I am – all of me – is suddenly allowed to be here.

Slowly, yet all of a sudden, food became a symbol of this new love, this new freedom. When there are moments of doubt, when old habits and destructive behavior try to sneak back into my life, I slow down – as Marc suggests so wisely – and try to see the setbacks as part of a bigger process. Sometimes, this works immediately. Sometimes, it takes a while until I am calm and relaxed again.

Furthermore, as a lover and seeker of truth, I now know that once you are brave and strong enough to trust and let truth take over, it is always liberating, life-enriching and connected with so much more love than you ever thought you deserved. So, I learned that even if it’s the hardest thing to do, be willing to take the leap of faith in your own ability to be happy and free! Your heart, body and soul are waiting for you to make the first step. I promise you, it will be worth it!

Katharina Wind

Open. Insightful. Authentic.

Struggling with anorexia and a persistent conviction that food was the enemy from an early age on, my own healing path began in a hospital bed, when I realized that whatever I was doing then couldn’t be the answer to any problem whatsoever. I slowly started to fight my way back to life and eventually found Yoga many years later. I became a passionate Yoga practitioner and Yoga Teacher and happily share this gift with many, many students over the last several years! I am also a trained linguist and dancer, both of which allowed me to learn more about who we are as human beings in this world. As an Eating Psychology Coach I am so proud to be able to help and inspire people to be empowered and free to fulfill their deepest dreams and highest potential!

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