My Awakening

I was quickly approaching my 30th birthday and really excited about it. Many people told me amazing things about your 30’s. They said you finally understand yourself and are more comfortable in your own skin. Hearing this helped me truly embrace transitioning into my 30’s. I waited for all the wonderful days and years to come like the 30’s had been promised to me.

Well that didn’t happen.

I couldn’t seem to land a satisfying career, which caused financial instability, and depression that I couldn’t seem to kick. Although I was no longer binge eating or binge drinking, what I was realizing was that those behaviors I had throughout most of my life were allowing me to check out of uncomfortable parts of my life. Now not partaking in those behaviors, I was being forced to listen to my body and mind. The feelings were overwhelming. My health seemed to be deteriorating all the while. I was experiencing IBS, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, and anxiety. I had suppressed events that happened in my 20’s, which were showing up as new health struggles in my 30’s. Trying to process 10 years of my life, on top of trying to process childhood trauma was the most difficult thing in my life I’ve done.

When I was at my absolute lowest, I came across the “Institute for the Psychology of Eating”. I instantly knew this was my calling. Ever since finishing the program my life has vastly improved and has continued to move in a positive direction. It not only started me on a new and exciting career path, but it also put me on a journey of healing my body and mind. Many areas of my health have improved. I feel alive and whole again after years of feeling broken and not seeming to be able to wake up from a dark place. My experiences of having gone through many hardships in life has allowed me to be able to work with clients in a more understanding and positive way. As an Eating Psychology Coach, it has allowed me to successfully help clients through their healing journey.

As a certified Eating Psychology Coach, Shoshanna is thrilled to help individuals become the best version of themselves that they can be. She knows what it’s like to experience food and body image challenges first hand along with a range of other health struggles. She believes her biggest challenges in life have helped guide her to doing the work she is so passionate about today. She is excited to apply her psychology of eating knowledge to help heal and improve others. Shoshanna looks forward to helping individuals overcome their struggles and guide them to a more complete, happy, and healthy life.

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