Learning to live in the now!

Have you ever heard the term destination addiction?

Destination addiction: The belief that life will be SO much better when you are thin (or when you are less stressed, have more money, aren’t in quarantine anymore etc)

In all honesty, I get it. It is easy to think if outward circumstances were different, we would be happier. I lived under a impression of being broken for many years.

For a long time I felt like if I could just be thinner I would be happier. But, after learning about the psychology of eating, i now know that isn’t the truth.

But the truth is this, if you aren’t happy now…you won’t be happy when you are thinner either. Happiness is an inside job, not a number on the scale.

Some of the best advice I ever got regarding this topic was this, make an inventory list of all the things that will be better when you are thinner. Take some time and list them all out. When you are done, go back and circle all the ones that you can do now. (Sure, it may take some work on self and some self discovery…but most of the things that bothered me when I was dieting, didn’t go away by getting to “that” number.)

One thing that makes me really happy now is to be able to share with others this message-

You can begin to live your best life now!
“You were meant for more than JUST dieting”

Jen is a mind and body eating coach. She helps people that are frustrated with their current diet to find freedom so they can live their best life now. Her message to other women is this – “you were meant for more than JUST dieting”.

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