Jail Breakers

There are many jails we create in our own minds. We think we cannot do things, we think certain things are impossible and we think we are stuck in certain situations. No doubt, life is complicated and there are true obstacles. When we find which of these obstacles are bigger in our minds than reality we can be jail breakers and move forward and move into better health.

We all see things from our perception; past, present, and our future. This is unique to every human and it is normal and acceptable to have your own perception. I try to think of it as a box. My perception is in a box, all nice and tidy and I have every right to my box and my reality, it is mine and no one else’s. When I can accept that there is a whole world and life outside of my box I can start to think outside of that box and see my dreams regardless of what my reality has presented so far.

Think of the part of your life you know needs to change. We want to be jail breakers instead of staying in our box/jail. What things are you willing to let go and move through to get out of that box? What things do you say are impossible? What things are you saying, “well I cannot because….” Those are called “well buts.” Well, but I don’t have the money. Well, but he won’t let me. Well, but I am not smart enough. You will have some realities that you cannot change and they need to be accepted, but many “well buts” can be examined outside of the box.

Now look at your “well buts.” This is harder for some than others. What can you be willing to surrender to life working it out instead of you having control over? Life has a fascinating way of working things out when you bust out of jail and let life happen instead of creating prison bars that are in your mind, but actually might not be in reality. You won’t know until you try. Experiment with small things to test it out. What would happen if you did not do housework for a week? Move on to the bigger things as you get more comfortable.

Our own mental prison bars create all sorts of problems for us so it is worth examining. I have walked through anorexia and being overweight simply because of my mental jail, not realizing it at the time. When I thought I was incapable of raising kids on my own, I refused to nourish myself and became anorexic. When I thought I was I was stuck in a situation that I could not get out of, I became overweight to protect myself from my fears. It is worth exploring your own boxes that keep you in jail instead of exploring your dreams and what all life has to offer. Be a jail breaker with me!

Maribeth Baxter

Authentic. Believing. Caring.

Maribeth Baxter has reclaimed her life, to live it abundantly after her own life-threatening disease. 21 years experience in natural and alternative health. Passionate about walking with others on their journey. Compassionate about other humans and their struggles. As an Eating Psychology Coach she is in practice and enjoying blogging to educate people in the fine art of being messy.www.AmazingWholeness.com

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