In search for meaning and appreciation

I appreciate every moment life has given me to pursue this journey. This is a life-long journey where I have come to appreciate every day I feel good. Now I know there is no destination, it is only the journey that counts, only today, only the here and the now. I have gained more perspective throughout the years and when I was younger, I expected things to work the way I wanted them. I expected to eat certain things and keep eating them all my life, I expected my health to be great at all times, even in times of stress, I expected my body to respond to all situations even if I abused of it, until one day, my body said no.

My body said no and I started to fight, until I understood that I had to talk and agree and make peace with it. Now I call it my temple, my home, the only place that is truly mine and the only place I can truly connect with all that is true. Connection with the cosmos, god or the soul, however you want to call it, is the only thing that gives me the perspective I need to keep on going. Practicing Qui-gong, meditation, mindfullness, yoga, breathing exercises and connecting with nature, this all gives me the peace of mind I need to help myself first before I can help others. I stopped being the victim long time ago, that only took me to dark places and lower states of consciousness. I constantly measure the state of my mind and the vibratory frequency of my thoughts, this helps me assess the quality of my day. Living life to its fullest it’s the only way for me. Make every moment count.

Ale Cortés


Ale Cortés, mother and wife, was born in Monterrey, Mexico. She is passionate about integral well-being, since 2014 she is a wellness and health coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Mostly known for her blog, publishes a quarterly newsletter on social media such as Facebook (Ale Cortes @alecortescoach), Twitter (@alecortescoach), and Instagram (alecortescoach). In 2015, she worked on the creation of the program “Live a healthy lifestyle with Axtel”, for the company Axtel S.A.B. de C.V. She has a Master’s Degree in Wellness Coaching with a Concentration in Applied Nutrition from the International Health Coach University (2018). A Gut Health diploma by the IIN in 2018. A Hormone Health course by the IIN in 2017. Also since 2018, she is a wellness and health coach at the Zambrano Hellion Medical Center (TEC Salud). She has a Diploma from the Institute of Eating Psychology and is currently studying to obtain a life coaching certification by MMK (in process). In 2020 she will be completing the certification as a Functional Medicine Health Coach. Ale is creating her online courses to promote a healthy lifestyle as a way to return to its audience the knowledge acquired during all these years.

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