I’m moving into my “Queen-dom”

As young girls mature into their teenage years, it is quite common to be concerned with one’s shape and size. As women, we tend to compare ourselves to one another. And as teenagers we don’t “know better” and understand what really matters in life.

But as time goes on, it’s critical to learn to incorporate balance in life. Another key lesson is to recognize the importance of knowing one’s own values and priorities. I’d say that maturing and learning these lessons is what has brought about the transformation that I’ve experienced with food and body in the last few years.

Prior to my training at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, I was obsessed with being thin and quite honestly that was a top priority for me to feel happy and successful.But at some point as healing occurred and I began to understand myself better, I began to recognize the importance of living up to my actual values in life as a mom and wife and friend; not just being concerned with my looks.

I finally realized (that although I can be both) if I had to choose – I would rather be a fat but happy grandma (in the future) than a thin, but cranky old lady my grandkids just know about but don’t necessarily want to spend time with.

Mainstream media tends to feed us a different story. I’ll be honest, it is a battle to not get caught again in the web of stories like – thin is better.

What has helped me a lot is to regularly practice actionable affirmations to remind myself of the decisions I’ve made. For example; I’m choosing to live up to my potential rather than wasting time being obsessed with my looks.

The reality is this – Other people won’t remember how you looked as much as they will remember how you made them feel.

I’m choosing to prioritize how I feel over how I look. And personally, I believe healthy weight and a healthy state of mind go hand in hand.

You’ve only got one life to live. That’s the message I choose to cling to no matter what I weigh.

Jen Seiter


As a coach I help people who are frustrated with their current diet find freedom so they can begin to live their best life now. The reason this is important to me is because I used to be completely immersed in diet culture. I thought I had to be thin in order to be happy. I now understand that is just a story that i choose to reframe. I choose to be happy now. I choose to eat in a way that supports me living my very best life in the present. It is a JOY for me to be able to help others to do the same!

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