I am what I am

About two years after my second daughter was born in 2001, I put on a lot of weight. I remembered the feeling during school volleyball practice, after a hard warm up, feeling like I was toast, that after some water and catching my breath, I was able to go on for another 2 hour practice. So once again, I worked out really hard, recorded everything I ate and drank and was in the back in athletic shape. Then our third child was born in 2007. It was a really stressful time for us financially and I could not get the weight off again. I tried my old tactics of working out hard and meal tracking but I just couldn’t get it. I felt like I had no willpower and figured I was in my 30’s now and I guess I am just never going to lose the weight. I started mindlessly eating when I was emotional or even when I was bored. This made me feel like I had no self control. I felt like a failure so I gave up. I was depressed but felt guilty because I was surrounded by a loving family.

Then, the shift began. I read books and followed different voices that spoke of body wisdom and embodiment, pure potentiality, and loving myself now. Exactly the way I am now. I had to be comfortable with my own body. It took many months but through daily practice and self-love, I forgave myself when I self-sabotaged or felt out of control. I really decided to be AWAKE. I found the latin world for awake; Vigilio. That is how I live now, Vigilio! Awake! Then, the incredible happened. I started to crave a lifestyle that mirrored my new motto. I went for long walks, just thinking about everything I appreciate. I started craving real food, not and started experimenting with cooking and what felt right. When the fat melted and the muscles toned, I looked just like I did when I was overweight, just a smaller, more toned version. I still have broad shoulders, my calves are slim and I a have a round belly. This is what I looked like as a kid and this is what I naturally look like.

I had to get comfortable with me. I AM WHAT I AM. If I just obsessed with goals of looking like a fitness model who was 5’4″ and had a ripped physique, I would never look like that. I’m 5’9″ and have longer limbs with toned looking muscles. Today, I am getting negativity and stress out of my head and heart. I don’t kill myself with a strict eating regimen. I love to eat. Food is more than just fuel, it is vitality! Listen to your body, it will take care of you. Remember that the tortoise not only won the race, he got to enjoy the view.


Rosie Velasquez


Hi, My name is Rosie. I am a mom of 3 and wife of 20 plus years. Although I grew up playing sports and a dancer, I was challenged with gaining and losing weight for years after having each of my children. I finally started focusing on adding good into my daily activities and recognizing what was not serving me or toxic, including people or environments. It was such a positive experience and not at all punishing or depriving. After all, eating should be wonderful and fitness fun! Even as a busy parent, we CAN live a healthy life! Now, my life’s mission is to help those who are ready to find their mojo, so they can live their life of full potential and bringing out the best in others. I see everyone’s potential and how living with personal and universal awareness is our gift we share with the world.

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