Hidden Rules and Messages

The more I dare to dive into relaxation when it comes to my body and my relationship with food, the more I notice the thousands of hidden rules and messages that are still spinning in my system. I am amazed of how rude, destructive, yet stupid they are at the same time. And I get sad when I realize how much of my energy, my life and my time I have wasted to let myself be ruled by all these unquestioned messages of self-hate and fear. However, I also feel free, empowered and strong, because the difference today is, that I don´t listen to them any more. And I don´t fight them either. I just let them be. Although this can be scary at times, I become better and better in just letting them be.

Maybe it will still take a while until all of the restricting rules and demeaning messages get completely out of my system. And I know that there is a chance that some of them might never leave. But I am confident that they will…eventually. Because with every pause between a destructive thought and acting upon it, with every breathing space and just observing instead of listening, the voice of love and the intelligence of kindness also grow louder. While I still feel that I am somehow in the state between, where I don´t live fully by the rules of wisdom and love yet, I can already feel a smile on my face. Because I know that there is so much more joy and freedom before me when it comes to food and body than there has ever been and more than I could have ever imagined!

Katharina Wind

Open. Insightful. Authentic.

Struggling with anorexia and a persistent conviction that food was the enemy from an early age on, my own healing path began in a hospital bed, when I realized that whatever I was doing then couldn´t be the answer to any problem whatsoever. I slowly started to fight my way back to life and eventually found Yoga many years later. I became a passionate Yoga practitioner and Yoga Teacher and happily share this gift with many, many students over the last years! I am also a trained linguist and dancer, both of which allowed me to learn more about who we are as human beings in this world. As an Eating Psychology Coach I am so proud to be able to help and inspire people to be empowered and free to fulfill their deepest dreams and highest potential!

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