Helping Others I Helped Myself

My inner peace and sense of fulfillment is my most precious treasure right now. When I started the program I was struggling. I wanted to help others. I wanted to help the most vulnerable populations I had been studying for more than 30 years. I was feeling guilty, confused, and powerless because as a cultural anthropologist I had used the holistic approach to study, understand and explain human behavior, but not to help humans heal and thrive holistically. I didn’t know anything about nutrition, positive psychology and wellbeing. I had been following immigrants originally from Mexico who had created and maintained international networks and enclaves in California, Texas and Pennsylvania. I was interested particularly in the role women play in these networks. Women trusted me with their dreams and concerns but I couldn’t help them with their multiple physical and mental health problems because I didn’t know how. I had been trained as a participant-observer, as an ethnographer, not as a healer.

About two months into the program to become certified as a Mind, Body Eating Coach by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating I discovered that I was the first person who was benefitting from this amazing field of knowledge developed by Marc David and his team. My husband was the first one to notice my changes. He said I looked happier. I was enjoying cooking, gardening, and I indeed looked healthier. When I graduated in May, 2016 I felt I was completely transformed but I thought I needed to learn more so I took many other courses, webinars and certificates. I joined several circles of women and helped to expand the Spanish speaking IPE WhatsApp Group which includes all the graduates whose mother language is Spanish and live and work in the United States, Mexico, Central and South America, and Spain. Once I felt comfortable as a Holistic Health Coach I tried to find collaborators, people who will take care of business while I was in the trenches: helping, coaching, healing, and empowering women by offering one-on-one services and/or through workshops and public speaking. It took me another year to understand and accept that I had a problem with money, a serious problem figuring out how to ask to be fairly reattributed for my services. Finally, with the help of a friend/colleague, also an IPE 2016 graduate, I decided to become a solopreneur, to develop my own business, my brand, and a website. By having changed my mindset now I am totally open to continue growing, to learn new technologies, to dive into new fields of research and coaching, and to fully enjoy living in uncertainty while helping women heal and thrive by having a better relationship with food, their bodies, their families and the environment.


I am a bilingual and bi-cultural holistic health coach who heals and empowers Latinas who feel stressed, anxious, guilty and discriminated. In my work, I help you develop a better relationship with food, your bodies, and your family. I help you achieve a growth mindset. I help you become aware of toxic beliefs so you can overcome them and experience a happier and healthier world. I help you see yourself as a whole, as a complete, unique and extraordinary human being. I help you find resources to heal, not only the symptoms, but the root or source of your problem. I help you discover your character strengths. I know how to motivate you. Furthermore, I can help you by accompanying you on your journey. However, the change will always be at your own pace, and as deep and permanent as you wish.

You will always take the lead because nobody knows YOU better than yourself.

I have a gift for you, an audio that will help you relax your body and have a better and sound sleep. Just visit my website and download it for free.

Hope you enjoy it,

Laura Gonzalez, Ph.D.
Holistic Health Coach

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