The Heart and Soul of Eating Psychology (It’s about so much more than food!)

I never in a million years imagined the magnitude of the soul journey I would embark on when I signed up to complete a certificate in Eating Psychology Coaching, uncovering all of the non-food related matters I need to attend to in my life. In so many ways, this deep inner self-work is not for the faint of heart, but ultimately it’s what we need to do if we truly want to reach a place of peace when it comes to our relationship with food and our bodies. The reality is, that this work in Eating Psychology Coaching is about so much more than simply our relationship with food and body.

These past few weeks I’ve been confronted in a tremendously powerful way in my own life when it comes to intimate relationships, culminating in the profound conscious realisation that I have a very deep fear of abandonment, and that all of my accomplishments, all of my intensity of throwing myself into working too hard, pushing my body too hard with extreme exercise, much of my interest (or obsession) with food and nutrition, many of my highest goals and aspirations, my complicated relationship with food and my own body, are in so many ways little more than a means of distraction from this deep core wound.

I turn 41 next month, and I am so far away from where I want to be in my life, and especially so far away from giving and receiving the love that deep down I’ve always desired. A brief whirlwind romance that suddenly ended has thrown me into the depths of despair, but this time, rather than seek out distractions and do something, anything, to suppress the strong emotions that a highly sensitive woman such as myself feels – this time, I allowed all of the emotions to flow through my body, to deeply feel the agony of heartbreak, the despair, the vulnerability, and do my best to sit with it and feel all of it. For the first time, I finally understand that that’s what our emotions are here to do, to be felt, to be honoured, and to not be suppressed. It’s extremely uncomfortable and painful even, but that’s okay. It’s so perfectly okay to be human, to feel deeply, to have the capacity to feel the full range of emotions, without trying to numb them.

A commitment to finally healing one’s relationship with food and body can take you to the most unexpected places, and in spite of the challenges of the past few weeks, deep in my heart and soul I’m so glad that I did make this commitment, that I am part of this incredible community of like-hearted Coaches, where I not only feel so supported in my own healing journey, but where I also have the opportunity to give back by providing the same love and support to my own clients.

Katie Flavelle


Katie is a socially conscious plant-based eater who understands, from personal experience, that plant-based eaters aren’t immune to the challenges that so many people face in their relationship with food, body and health. She is passionate about supporting and inspiring women who are committed to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle to enjoy an empowered, nourishing and pleasure-filled relationship with food, body and life.

Katie is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and holds a Bachelor of Arts, with majors in Psychology and Psychophysiology. Deeply interested in the relationship between mind, body and soul, Katie integrates both scientific and holistic principles in her coaching practice to explore with her clients the possible connections between their challenging life experiences, chronic stress or trauma and their relationship to food and body challenges.

In February 2018 Katie commenced a Master’s in Applied Counselling and Psychotherapy at Jansen Newman Institute in Sydney.

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