Healing From the Inside Out!

When I started my healing journey I believed that food would save me. I thought that eating the right fruits and green leafy vegetables with nuts and seeds and legumes was the answer I had been hoping for. I had been diagnosed with colon cancer and I was looking for some control back in a situation that left me feeling vulnerable and scared. Eating a plant-based diet seemed like the solution – it helped me regain my energy, build my immune system, fight off my headaches, clear up my skin and improve my concentration. Problem solved…or was it?

I had been eating the perfect blend of nutrients that was sure to reverse and prevent future disease (yes I am a recovering perfectionist) and yet I was still struggling with digestive issues, bloating, leaky gut, candida and food intolerances. No matter how unbelievably clean my diet was, I knew in my gut that something was missing. Now don’t get me wrong I believe that eating high quality food is crucial for optimal health but I now also believe that it is only one piece of a very complicated puzzle.

So where do you turn after you realize that good nutrition will only get you so far. The truth lies within each of us. It was now time to start doing the real healing…the kind that happens at your core and changes who you truly are as a person. Real transformation begins when you stop trying to control the outside world and start listening to the subtle clues your body is sending you. (Warning, you may want to fasten your seat belts for this part of the ride- it can get pretty bumpy!)

Real healing happens when you slow down long enough to see the beauty around you. It happens when you embrace your gifts and talents and start to love yourself for who you are today exactly at this moment – not at some artificial time in the future when you will be thin enough or pretty enough or smart enough. When you can get out of your own head and realize that we are all looking for the same things…to be loved and feel safe, to find joy and tap into our higher good. The real healing happens when you start living the life you were meant to live.

For me, I have found my purpose. I now know that getting sick was what had to happen for me to hear the message to change. It gently nudged me to address the soul issues that were keeping me stuck in a place of feeling unworthy and unloved. Ok maybe not gently – it knocked me over the head a few times but it was worth it. Today I am healing in a way that I never dreamed possible. Not in the way a large kale salad with goji berries can heal you, but in a way that is creating love and compassion for both myself and others. I am healing from the inside out and having faith that I am exactly where I am supposed to be!

Marietta Goldman

Evolving. Trusting. Healing.

Marietta Goldman is an Eating Psychology Health Coach from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. She is also certified in Advanced Nutritarian Studies from the Nutritional Education Institute founded by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. She is a cancer survivor who helps busy women create healthy shifts long before they ever have to see signs of illness. She passionately believes that healing is about so much more than just the foods we choose to eat. She hopes to help women learn to trust their inner wisdom, listen to their body signals, live in the present and have faith that they are doing the best that they can each day. She is a co-Founder of Anchors & Adventures, a wellness company specializing in teaching women about intentionally setting their anchors so they can free up time to start living their adventures. Learn more about her at www.anchorsandadventures.com.

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