Why haven’t your resolutions work… yet?

Have you noticed the humongous increase in chronic illness? The U.S Department of health mentions that by 2020 there will be 3 overweight people for every 4. In what group would you like to be?

Think about how nowadays we have MORE medical science than ever, all are one click away from a free keto-meal plan a Yoga session, 10 day cleanse or from learning almost about any topic… and still we have MORE SICK AND FAT PEOPLE THAN EVER. What is the missing link?

We aren’t here to find fault, we are here to find a remedy.

When we are about to start a new year we feel this refreshment, motivation and desire to change, almost like if we had a magic wand to change all our habits we have created over years. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

A study shows that by the second week of January 68% of people will already drop their goals. Why would this happen? We are living in this instant gratification Era, we want everything easy, fast and drop off at our home (same day delivery and free shipping).

The Telegraph published in December 2017, the 3 most common resolutions are:

1. Exercise more (38%)
2. Lose weight (33%)
3. Eat more healthily (32%)

Do you even know why you want to exercise more, or lose weight, or eat healthier?

According to Philip Clarke, psychology lecturer at the University of Derby Online Learning, the biggest mistake is that many people identify what they want to achieve but do not think about how to do it.

Goal setting can be very helpful for us to be able to build this plan for a healthier, happier, REAL you.

You want a balance of challenge, to keep you motivated, but not too hard as you might lose focus and experience feelings of anxiety and stress.

Research suggest it’s better not to increase your goal by more than 5% of your current performance or ability.
Remember to write it down, writing down helps to clear your mind for a higher-level more organize thinking, it also helps to process your emotions and it helps you think bigger.

The most important thing is to know IT WILL BE FINE if we don’t accomplish that goal, we have to expect life happens and there are unpredictable situations that can change our “game plan” but remember, if you know your WHY, if your goal is really in your core, we can take some steps back but our roots will keep us on track.

What is your “WHY”? What are you doing to stay consistently aligned in 2018? Why are you going to give 2018 your all?

And… why is NOW the right time to start?

Not Monday, not the 1st day of next month, not the next online challenge we get into… NOW.

Andrea Murillo

Authentic. Reliable. Intentional.

As a nutritionist with a bodybuilding and weight loss specialist background, it was a massive task for Andrea to understand the “undisciplined” clients, until SHE BECAME THE MOST UNDISCIPLINED client in her list.

After going though personal emotional trauma, that “will power” and “nutrition standards mindset” change. She was finally understanding by her own skin that the relation between brain, emotions and eating habits was the missing link to sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Her passion is to empower people to understand their unique needs, and become their own nutrition specialist to create a realistic, attainable and enjoyable healthy way of living.

She currently lives in California and offers a unique way to approach natural remedies, nutrition and fitness not only in video coaching all over the world. Her specialty is in busy professionals, athletes, and emotional eating. You can find her at www.amanicoaching.com. Phone: (714) 610-0127

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