From Frustration to Freedom

For me, slavery to dieting began in puberty. I went thru a chubby stage as I began to mature, so I started dieting. If only I could actually get to that “magical” number, is what i thought for over 2 decades.

But what I since have realized is – the problem was never my weight. I actually felt I didn’t fit in with peers. And I tried to fix that by dieting. I thought if I was thin people would like me better. (Now i know if i want respect, I have to first respect myself.)

Thankfully, Through my Training at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, I’ve found freedom in 3 areas, In particular.

Freedom with food. Which led to freedom with time. And In reality, I’ve found freedom to be ME.

I’m now free to live my best life which includes-

Finding my passion – helping others find freedom from a life of slavery to their diet.

A Positive outlook – I used to be so pessimistic. Now I understand I have so much to be grateful for.

Living just today – the power of now means I’m no longer waiting to be thin to be happy and do the things that truly make me happy. I’m choosing to live life fully today!

Jen Seiter

Empathetic. Caring. Motivated.

My Name is Jen. I’m a Mind Body Eating Coach, certified by the Institute for the psychology of Eating. I used to have a completely disordered relationship with food. I spent 25 years yo-yo dieting. I imagined that my goal weight would be what made me happy with myself. I now look at weight and eating challenges differently. Rather than seeing them as a problem, I see them as an opportunity for growth and self development. I work together with each of my clients as an individual to find their way to their own healthy relationship with food and body. This cutting edge technology that I specialize in is called dynamic eating psychology. Dynamic Eating Psychology looks at not only WHAT we eat, but also HOW and WHY we eat it. This field of study has transformed my entire life. If this interests you, I would love to meet you. See my Directory Listing HERE

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