I’m not going to list the ways to describe myself in a negative way. I’m sure the list would be longer than the positive one. Why? Experts say that negative thoughts come to us much more often than positive ones. It was recently revealed to me that I didn’t have to listen to those negative thoughts. I don’t have to believe the thoughts that cause uncomfortable feelings? Wow! How do I do that? It is simple, but not always easy. I know that those mean nasty thoughts are not mine. They come to me and I have the choice to believe them or not. I don’t catch all of them, but I do find it easier and easier to ignore them and move forward in my life.

I have believed I was stupid forever. Even when I realized that wasn’t true, I still believed it. I don’t anymore. I know what I am good at and what to leave alone and not tackle. Lots of people may have a higher IQ than me, but I have what I need to live a content and happy life. Am I always happy? Of course not, but I am much more joyful than I used to be. Not listening to my negative thoughts changed all of that for me.

What this means is that I don’t have to listen to the thoughts that tell me to eat certain foods. My thoughts don’t have to have power over me. The uncomfortable feelings may linger, but they do leave. My uncontrollable eating habits are also just thoughts, even if I can’t find the words that formed them so many years ago. I just tell myself that bad habits are just a product of negative thinking and that I am willing to let them go.

Someone recently told me that it must be horrible to wake up everyday facing the exact same problems. It is. I use to wonder every day, “Will today be the day I honor myself and eat in a loving way? Or will I give in, again, and be miserable?” I woke up on Thanksgiving Day and realized I was not worried about overeating at the meal that I love most in the world. And I didn’t. Not because I controlled myself or any of the other tricks I had tried without success in the past, but because I knew I would rather love my family than eat.

Not that I am perfect. I have my days and perhaps always will, but what a relief to have found freedom around food.

Debbie Buchbinder has been a lifelong student of emotional eating. She has finally found the freedom she was looking for and wants to share it with all the eaters who feel trapped in the world of emotional eating. Through her own personal struggles with her weight and body, she has found freedom and no longer wakes up with the worry of overeating. She found freedom not only with food but it carried over to other areas of her life. Debbie is intuitive and caring. She will mentor you to see the world differently while helping you find your own inner wisdom. Life is too short to be consumed with worry about food and body. Find your own Freedom around eating.

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