Food: From Fear to Freedom

For so long I searched for the “right” way to eat in hopes of totally healing my mind & body. I truly believed I found it several years ago when I began to experience better health in many ways after making big changes in my diet. I was thrilled. Also, I was convicted it was the right way for anyone who might need healing. And then my body and needs changed; and I found my way of eating was no longer healing me, let alone sustaining me. I was disillusioned and confused. My relationship with food had become rigid, extreme, and full of fear.

Throughout the last few years of honing my intuition, studying different perspectives on health and healing, making big changes again (begrudgingly at first), and genuinely evolving in life outside of diet, I am currently in a relationship with food that feels full of freedom. I literally feel like I can choose anything to eat! I continue to carry knowledge from those I have learned from, am beyond grateful for new information, remain open to what other’s teach, and trust myself to shift and change with what my body is calling for on a day to day basis. Once again, I have found power in the truth that food can have a wonderful effect on health. This time within a space of openness as I allow it to be a supportive, creative, and often complex topic.

There are times I find myself beginning to worry about what to eat and what the food may or may not be doing to my body. At those times, I go inward and just listen to my body and spirit. I understand that just as varied we are as species, there at that many variations of what is the “right” way to eat. Now I ask, “What would feel best in my body today?” Sometimes it is the foods I once feared because I believe eating encompasses energy that is beyond what nutrients the food contains and another’s opinions about it. I am the decider.

Remember that food is serving you when it simply feeds your cells and/or truly fills your SOUL. There is a yin and yang to life, and so there is with food, because to eat really is to live.

Kate Hall-Shepard


With a background in corrections, crisis, and counseling I bring a level of deep understanding to the harsh struggles of life. Having to navigate my own journey with illnesses, mentally and physically, and the ins and outs of a complex relationship with food I can offer authentic support with any challenge you may be facing. I will bring knowledge from clinical counseling, nutritional science, and eating psychology into our work together. Your mind and body are yours alone, but we can find ways together to support them comfortably, while working towards lasting positive change!

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