Finding my Feminine

There once was a little girl who grew up in what seemed to be your everyday normal dysfunctional family. She was the youngest out of 4 kids, her parents were divorced, and she was none the wiser as to how healthy families were supposed to function.

Without falling in love with the person every little girl should have as their first great love, her father, she was desperate to be told she was lovely, she was beautiful, and that she was special. Unfortunately, she looked for that validation in many other avenues creating more pain and longing in her life. Through childhood sexual abuse, drug addiction, rape, and bulimia, she was forced to walk down a path of self discovery and healing or stop walking through life at all.

I guess you probably guessed that this little girl was me. Yes, my story is unfortunate, but not uncommon. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I finally sought after help, and the search for healing was on.

I found God and I found fitness when my healing journey began, and both play an integral part in my life. Fitness, however, had been something that I used to heal but that also became something that was hurting me, the Feminine in me that is. I became hard, intense, and relentless with my workouts. Anything where I felt less than 100% worn out wouldn’t ever be on my radar to do. Little did I know that I was using exercise to punish myself, but also using it as a barrier for protection.

I realize now that I was pushing The Feminine in me down, and that the strength that I got in the gym symbolized no one being able to hurt me again. But the little girl who was still searching to feel special, and lovely, and beautiful was starting to emerge.

The majority of my healing path came from, and will continue to come from, my embrace to embody as a woman. I spent so many years trying to be a “man”, that my soul had been seriously neglected. My focus is now on ME, Lena, and everything I am. I am a woman, but I am also powerful. I no longer punish my body with exercise, I embrace movement that feels right for my body.

Going through the Eating Psychology Coach Training forced my spirit and my Feminine to evolve, and it guided my body to transform without any effort. I found purpose and I found out that it was ok that I needed attention, affection, to be told I was lovely. Embodiment of my Feminine Energy wasn’t something to fight, it was actually the force that strengthened me all along. It is my mandate from the Creator who sculpted and molded me in the form that pleased Him.

I am a woman, and I embrace my Feminine, and all that comes with it.

Lena Schellenberg


I work as an Intuitive Coach commissioned to help people heal their relationship with food and with their bodies. Through my own struggles, I can see how they were cries for help and doorways for healing. I want to change the world with Love, I want to help people see the transformation that happens when we are at peace with food, when we love our body, and when we live a life of purpose and fulfillment. I do one-on-one coaching or larger group settings using an intuitive and individual approach with Mind-Body Nutrition techniques learned from my training. You can access my blog at:

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