Embodiment is Love

Our body can be our best friend… It really can.  But in my case, for many years, my body was my enemy. One who betrayed me by not responding to my requests for the perfect shape and the perfect weight. The one that make me a slave through food restrictions – that my own mind put in place – to control my weight. My body punished me with cravings when I used to diet, chasing a body that was always running away from me. Finally, my body developed a serious state of hypoglycemia as a result of extreme diets and consuming large amounts of caffeine and sugar most days, neglecting proper nutrition.

After practising as a Weight Coach I came to the conclusion that it is a familiar story for many people. We make ourselves ill through diets trying to control our appetite, which is only possible for short periods of time, after which the body’s needs are expressed through cravings, digestive problems and general physical and emotional imbalances.

I was never happy or satisfied with my body and always felt disappointed with it for not meeting my standards of beauty and harmony.   In my late 20s,  my emotional body was very chaotic and it took control of my eating patterns.  Emotional eating and binging was my coping mechanism and as a result I become overweight.  

My emotional needs sought satisfaction in food.

It was a blessing in disguise, because through these eating challenges I realised that there was something deeper that I needed to acknowledge, process, and heal.

I found yoga and meditation and started to unravel old traumas and baggage beneath the loathing and shame I felt for my body.  Grounded Embodiment was my first doorway towards body Love. From there I started to educate myself in Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, and started practising different detoxing protocols which supported my embodiment journey.

When I found the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, I knew it was the missing piece of my Coaching practice.  The Mind Body Eating Training anchors all the elements and makes my mentoring whole and complete: Embodiment, Mindset/Emotional transformation and Nutritional information.

After completing the Training, I feel more equipped and confident to support clients with challenges such as:  Body Image, Digestive Issues, Fatigue, Eating Challenges, Weight issues.  

This path starts with embodiment and is a healing journey.  I am convinced that we born equipped to heal ourselves, our best bet is to remember this and reconnect with our body wisdom. It allows us to make healthy choices and find the missing pleasure in food and eating.  In that way, we align with our body’s unique needs and our highest purpose.

Being present in our bodies allows us to ground emotionally and mentally.  Being embodied is more that a set of actions.  It is an attitude that encourages gratitude and appreciation. Honouring our body opens us up to body intuition and wisdom, to more energy and spiritual connection.

Embodiment is Love.


The conflicts I had around body and eating have been a gift for me.  They have shown me not only a path towards scientific information but also towards a level of self-enquiry and curiosity  that I never imagined possible when I was obsessed about my weight and appearance.  This curiosity has taken me to gain different skills and qualifications: I am a Mind Body Eating Coach, Mindset Transformation Facilitator, Yoga Teacher. I am also a dancer and Nature Lover. This resources me to support clients in a holistic and versatile way grounded in compassion and understanding of unique needs.

A pillar of the work with my clients is moving towards empowerment and  ownership of their own process.  I guide them to facilitate the understanding of scientific principles and especially, to acknowledge their body’s needs, in a way that allows them to take the lead towards sustainable results.

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