Don’t believe everything you think!

Take notice, what kind of thoughts are you thinking? I bet they are not all true.

My thought life was a funny farm for decades and I really did not find the humor in it. Not only did I cover all the untruths about food and health in my mind, I covered self-deprecating thoughts to the fullest. Completely lost in who I was as a person, I had to find a better path. My worst health crash with Lyme Disease completely stopped me in my tracks; taking away my health, my ability to earn a living and my support. Brokenness usually is not pretty in the beginning. A lot of isolation, grief, blame and bitterness, and very dark ugly thoughts. What great opportunity to wake up and smell the roses.

I worked on my disease. I worked on healing. I worked on my body. I worked on every organ and every system in the body. I worked on diet. I worked on lifestyle. The list was overwhelming but I was determined. I thought I had it all covered and although some things did improve, my quality of life did not. There was something I was overlooking and did not know how to get there.

My favorite question to ask myself and clients: if you could choose to do anything with your life what would you do – without regard to finances or health or any circumstance of your current situation? My answer was to become a health coach and serve others. Even though I was still in the heat of the battle with Lyme Disease and Mold Toxicity and all the debilitating effects of them, being a health coach was exactly my heart’s desire. Appeared senseless but I believe we are given an inner strength to pull on when we have hit bottom. Brokenness can be a beautiful thing, especially when we turn off the craziness that goes on in our minds and turn on the adventure.

Adventure it was. Next question: who would be my all-time favorite health practitioner that I would want to study under? Marc David and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating was my obvious answer, by far. He completely sees life outside the box. I applied for the health coach certification program, explaining my limitations with my health. They welcomed me on board and I felt encouraged. Through the Training I found my path, my voice and more of my health.

It has been a delight to awaken and find the most delightful path that is perfectly suited for me, serving others. It has been like the heavens opened up and handed me my life assignment. All of the pain and the suffering were to fully understand compassion for others and walk with them through their difficult journeys. There is no reason to have to hide our messiness, it is part of being human. It leads us to great discoveries that make us who we were intended to be.

Maribeth Baxter

Authentic. Believing. Caring.

Maribeth Baxter has reclaimed her life, to live it abundantly after her own life-threatening disease. 21 years experience in natural and alternative health. Passionate about walking with others on their journey. Compassionate about other humans and their struggles. As an Eating Psychology Coach she is in practice and enjoying blogging to educate people in the fine art of being

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