Detox Your Mind

What is it that keeps us from slowing down and relaxing into our meals and life?

For me, it is my mind. I could see how my mind prohibited me from slowing my body to reap any of the benefits of metabolizing my food more efficiently much less be able to digest life. If I could clean up my mind I could have a chance at slowing down and getting these lasting benefits for my health that come from it.

Using vocabulary for detoxing the mind can be mind-blowing! Let’s look at a few examples and how many words simply get in the way of us slowing down and relaxing.

1) Idiot: So-and-so is an idiot. I am such an idiot.

2) Stupid: How stupid could they be. How stupid could I be.

3) Never: They never help me. I could never do such-and-such.

4) Always: She is always selfish. I am always late.

5) Impossible: It is impossible for him to be nice. It is impossible for me to do that.

6) Can’t: She can’t make me feel like a man. I can’t make a meal.

7) Won’t: He won’t clean the house. I won’t consider that.

8) If: If only she would make me happy. If only I could be ten pounds thinner.

9) When: When he grows up he will make a good husband. When I am healthy I will be able to have a life.

What awful words they are in this context. No wonder we are a stressed out society. Why are these words part of the human experience in the way we use them? How did they get in the dictionary in the first place with the definitions they have taken on? For what purpose do they really serve?

I would bet these words run through your mind and lips on several occasions a day. Whether you are saying it aloud or to yourself they have become common words in this highly negative context. Sometimes we use them about others and sometimes about ourselves. What happens to your body when you say or think these words? It cranks up the stress response inside of us not allowing us to relax and metabolize our food or digest life.

Try this exercise: Take one word at a time and take them out of your vocabulary for a day. You will see how hard this is. It might take a month on each word to gain some momentum. Practice, practice and then practice some more. Detoxing our minds can be a test of determination but the mind can be conquered. Clean out the negative words and make room for the words of hope, love, and encouragement for yourself and others that relax everyone.

Maribeth Baxter

Authentic. Believing. Caring.

Maribeth Baxter has reclaimed her life, to live it abundantly after her own life-threatening disease. 21 years experience in natural and alternative health. Passionate about walking with others on their journey. Compassionate about other humans and their struggles. As an Eating Psychology Coach she is in practice and enjoying blogging to educate people in the fine art of being

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