Connecting with Myself

What I find meaningful at this stage of my life when it comes to food and body is my newfound ability (that I learned from IPE) to connect with myself when I am feeling negative emotions from stress and overwhelm in my everyday work and personal life. In my past, without even a blink of an eye, when life got challenging or overwhelming (pretty often) I would secretly gorge on donut holes or other sweets to “numb out” from encountering uncomfortable feelings or taking on unpleasant tasks. I would eat these foods in large quantities, never understanding why I was so powerless, having started the day with the best of intentions and a heavy duty workout session (often times to make up for the prior day’s sugar binge). As an owner of a private personal training studio, I am constantly needing to be energetic and uplifting to my clients. While I love my work, almost daily I feel those old familiar feelings of tired/overwhelm at the end of the day….needing to “check out”….I no longer use donuts to cope….I have learned to accept my feelings and be my own “coach” in a gentle manner. I no longer binge on sweets and I am even able to enjoy donuts on special occasions without bingeing or guilt. My biggest takeaway from IPE is learning how to accept and “feel” my feelings without using food to cope during difficult times and not withhold love from myself. I coach my clients through their similar struggles with using food to cope with life. I consider my personal battle a gift in that I can share my education from IPE with others. I am forever grateful for the wisdom of Marc David. Your podcast keeps me “vigilant” about my journey with food and body and helps me get back on track when I start to slide backwards. THANK YOU

Tracy Desjardins


Tracy Desjardins, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, IIN Health Coach, Mind Body Eating Coach, IPE. Owner of Custom Body Wellness by Tracy, a private personal training and health coaching studio in Bethany Beach, DE. I specialize in the 55+active aging population. I have been in the fitness industry since 1991, teaching a variety of group fitness classes and small group trainings. I have conducted workshops on a variety of clean eating topics and I have worked individually and in small groups in wellness coaching. I personally battled emotional eating/chronic dieting for over 30 years of my life. It is my mission in life to help others improve their lives with exercise, balanced healthy eating habits and cultivating self love and acceptance.

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