Our Body Wisdom Brings Healing

Four years ago my life dramatically changed. My mother was diagnosed with adrenal carcinoma and had a serious surgery. I was exhausted, stressed and devastated. I also had four young children at home and a husband with a demanding job. I suddenly felt this tiny earthquake shifting underneath my feet. Life was changing and my emotional world was in upheaval. The things that were important to me fell away, and I began to feel certain that nothing was certain. I also noticed that I started to gain weight, and fast. It was as if I woke up one day and not only did the world shift, but my body did as well. My mom was alive but our relationship changed forever due to such a serious diagnosis.

My full life got too full. My body was also full of candida, a yeast infection in the intestines and stomach that wreaks havoc on the entire system. More tests showed that I had adrenal fatigue, estrogen dominance, and a complete lack of enzymes in my stomach lining. I was Drowning in the inside and out. I gained ten pounds and suddenly my body image issues were front and center, along with everything else I was dealing with. So, what did I do?

I changed my entire life. My husband and I left a successful life, a life full of the “American Dream”. We moved to Israel and started over, living in a small village on top of a mountain. Now, this is extreme. But it was necessary for us. I also started to become fully present to my feelings. I sat in silence a lot. I cried a lot. I grieved for my old body, my old self, my old ways of dealing with life. It was painful.

But it was rewarding because I started to see that the more I expressed my truth and stopped running and hiding who I was, the less I emotionally ate and the more healing I experienced inside. It was a roller coaster. Healing is not a straight line. But I am grateful to be able to express who I am. I am grateful to have my insides match my outsides. I am a work in progress and it’s ok. I am a good role model for my four children because I am real. This is my truth.

When we stop running, we find that it’s not so scary inside of ourselves after all. When we face our darkness and the things that cause us pain, our body has a fighting chance to be healthy. Our purpose in life is to remember the amazing souls that we truly are. Our bodies hold deep wisdom that can lead to our loving hearts.

Ariela Halevi


Ariela HaLevi holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from Long Beach State, California. She is a Psychology of Eating Coach, a Soul Coach, Yoga Instructor and Reiki Practitioner. She has created The Soul-full Mama Coaching practice to assist moms of all ages to fill themselves up with truth, love, and health. She assists mothers in uncovering hidden emotions that block them from true health. In addition, she creates a personal practice specific for each mom, focusing on healthy eating and yoga/exercise and tools to create a healthy emotional, physical and spiritual body from the inside out. She can be contacted at yogaariela@gmail.com or on facebook at

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