Be the Change

At the moment what is most meaningful to me is to keep evolving to the be the best version of myself. In every decision, every thought or action, I try to consider the effects it is going to cause to those around me. I believe in my heart to be the change I want to see in my children. It all starts here within me. I often ask myself the question, “What am I putting out in the world? My struggles with food and body were a starting point to discover what was ailing me. It has helped me to reach out for help. My journey has taught me to be more connected to a Higher power and to understand how the mind was creating false beliefs and to identify them.

Every day to start with gratefulness. When I feel disconnected to what is meaningful to me, I notice I go back to unwanted eating habits. What has helped me is to accept my imperfections and forgive myself.

Linda Rivera


My name is Ljnda, I live in Maricopa, Az. I graduated from the Institute in 2017. I have three children and they are my biggest motivators to heal. My relationship with food and body has taught so much about life. Doing the training and Reading Marc’s books, “The Slow Down Diet and “Nourishing Wisdom”, has made such a powerful impact on how I relate to all issues with food and body.

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