At Home in My Own Skin

Growing up is not easy. There wasn´t really a place where I felt at home since my family moved twice before I entered school. My body could also not be called a home because she seemed to betray me. I was a highly sensitive child, born with atopic dermatitis, if lucky then only itching during the nights. Very early on I developed lots of allergies. Especially being told to be allergic to all my favorite animals and that I would not be able to be a veterinarian was devastating. Also tormenting was the hypersensitivity against sounds, light and touch. In my youth I developed digestive problems, asthma, acne, anxiety, brainfog and fatigue. How could you feel comfortable and safe in such a body?

I was a skinny, pale and shy girl and like the weakest parts of my body were ridden with inflammation, I was the perfect victim on which my classmates could take out their own insecurities, jealousy and discontent. I soon learned that it was safest to become invisible. Black became my color.

Oftentimes I wished to be able to put on some weight to have some kind of a buffer for my overreactive immune system and to be protected. I felt like the world, the light, sounds, words, touches, feeling were just piercing right through me. On the same hand, because I would always stay perfectly skinny, it just made sense to use sweet food for comforting and not think twice about it.

It´s not easy to get out of victim mode when you are grown up with brainwashing that you have faulty genes and that you will be dependent on topical steroids for the rest of your life. Starting to experiment with diet was my breaking out of the jail, but soon impended to become a new, self-chosen jail. It’s empowering to watch your body and mind shift under your own strategies. I got glimpses of who I could really be, what my REAL ME could look and feel like! Oh all the energy I now had! I grimly put myself on stricter elimination diets if my health would decline again.

Only when I started to work on the mind and soul, thanks to the best teachers and mentors, I was able to identify the blind spots that have kept me from really relaxing and giving my body some rest to heal. To clean out old muck that REALLY kept me from feeling at home, fully embodied and be content with where I was in my life. Forgiveness was a major factor for me. All the detox was fine and great but simply not enough if I couldn´t forgive the people who had wronged me. My schoolmates. The doctors. My parents… Nowadays I´m learning to be my own great mother. I´m courageous to show my true colors. I can bless my journey and wouldn´t trade it for anything in the world. I finally know what it feels like to be at home in my own skin.

Dorothee Rund

Reliable. Inquisitive. Creative.

Dorothee Rund is a German Eating Psychology Coach, Biologist, and Artist. She is specialized in Skin-, Gut- & Brainhealth and works with highly sensitive persons who also suffer from skin diseases, allergies, mastcell- & autoimmune disorders, mood- & cognitive problems and fatigue. Having suffered from all these conditions herself for 25 years and having found a way to heal herself and get off of all her medications, she now wants to support others on their journey with long-lasting results. From her personal experience she knows that it´s sometimes not enough to know which foods to eat and which to avoid and that cravings and binge eating can be confusing and frustrating. She works with stress-management, healing childhood wounds, individualized nutrition, easy lifestyle optimizations, mindset- and habit shifts. For this she uses the best of Biology & Psychology with a bit of Biohacking and much Creativity, Patience and Love. You can learn more about Dorothee on her website:

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