A Personal Story

You know the feeling that all your pants are too tight!? None of your clothes fit right ???? It’s hard to ignore the fact that the kids keep you so busy you aren’t actually eating what you meant to eat nor are you getting to the gym. Ahhh! No wonder nothing is fitting right.

Gosh, i feel you. What is wrong with me? If i was just more disciplined I’d stick to my diet and lose the weight no matter what, i often thought. Then I would finally feel confident and better about myself. Then I would be happier.

Disgusted, I’d throw on the outfit I felt best about and console myself that I’d start counting calories again tomorrow morning and do something active every day. I’d then map out on a calendar if I lost 2 pounds a week, how long it would take me to get to goal. I would think once the kids are back in school I’ll get back to the gym daily and work in strength training at my favorite place even though it takes an hour round trip out of my day to drive there.

More thoughts that came to me were….

Plus, once the kids are back in school I’ll be less stressed so then I won’t be tempted to emotionally eat as much in the evenings. Oh, and then I won’t want to drink wine every evening!

I’m so grateful I no longer need to panic when my pants feel tight. Now I know of a more effective solution. I’m so excited about the help I found that I want to share with as many people as possible.

Jen Seiter


I spent almost 25 years searching for the perfect diet to get me to that perfect number so I could finally be happy. However when I finally got there a few years ago, I couldn’t believe i didn’t feel any better about myself and it was such a struggle to stay at goal. So then I began my search for the answer to why it was such a struggle. I began to understand that if I still thought the same way, I’d eat the same way. It’s a process of unlearning old ways and thought patterns and learning new ones. But I’m so grateful to get results that last beyond a number on the scale!

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