Tessie Tracy

Colorado-raised, now in LA, Tessie has been involved with Health and Fitness since the age of 4. As a competitive gymnast, bodybuilding champion and nationally ranked collegiate cheerleader, she has experienced both the celebrations and challenges of an athletic lifestyle.

Through years of her own transformational journey and self-discovery, she has found peace with food, balance with exercise, and a passion for serving the world through inspirational wellness guidance. Tessie is:

• A Certified Emotional Intelligence/Personal Development Trainer
• A Level 2 CrossFit Coach/Celebrity Trainer
• A Public Speaker and Workshop Facilitator
• And a Certified Eating Psychology Coach

Her 7-step method to transforming habits is routed in mind-body nutrition and self-discovery work, allowing clients to continually step into the highest version of who they are meant to be in this world. One of her favorite sayings is “How we do one thing is how we do everything”. Every small step in a positive direction, and every lesson along the way… makes a BIG difference to our whole life, not just with food/diet/weight/etc.!

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