Susan D’Addario

LCSW 20+ years – Eating Psychology Coach – Heartmath Coach. If you’re feeling dejected, frustrated, and hopeless about yourself and your body, I’m here to listen and to offer meaningful, rewarding options and strategies for growth and change. Developing a new and healthy relationship with yourself, eating, food, and your body is a process that incorporates kindness, self-awareness, slowing down, and love. Starving yourself and over-exercising is at best a very temporary solution to changing your body size. The results usually are short-term. And, when the weight is regained, you can feel even more hopeless, hurt, and lost. Finding your real-self and experimenting with love and kindness offer a much better chance for life-long change in self-esteem, self-love, and body re-shaping. We can talk about food, eating, nutrition, nourishment, body movement, body image, etc. We will also look at you, your family history, your current life, pleasures, frustrations, accomplishments, and disappointments. People are complex. We all have our unique histories and life experiences. Consequently, our work together will be comprehensive and look at the big picture of you. If you’d like to learn more, contact me for a free 20-minute telephone consult. During that call we can see if how I work and what I have to offer is a match for you and your needs. No strings attached!

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