Sigi Fisher

Sigi Fisher, founder of The Ladies Strength Department, is passionate about helping you shape a sustainable living mind and body that is based on science and not trends.

Through her own experiences with an eating disorder and back injuries, Sigi discovered an effective and long-lasting approach to becoming the fittest and healthiest version of herself, which gave her
the body freedom she had been searching for by trying endless other tactics.

As she learned to listen and respect her body, Sigi realised that she needed to share this method with others.

“What I do is actually quite simple. I help women discover their strongest self by providing a science-backed, holistic approach to physical and mental wellness that will last a lifetime,” Sigi says.

Sigi does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why she provides the everyday woman with one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions, where she teaches the fundamentals of strength training, nutritional guidelines, and mindset methods for life-changing results.

“It’s all about what works for you, which means doing not what is easiest or instant, but what is right,” she says.

She promises her program will see you become your strongest and healthiest self, and be constantly supported by a women’s community who are all on the same journey.

A self-professed multi goal-digger, Sigi is here to help you do the same and discover your strongest self through the power of nutrition, training, mindset, lifestyle, and stress management.

The Ladies Strength Department