Sierra Thompson Nordquist

Hello my friend! As a nutritional therapist, herbalist & mind body eating coach who has personally journeyed through complex health issues, I have grown a passion for helping others to journey through their own health, food, and body challenges. In my work I help guide you to embrace, elevate and empower your inner wisdom using intuitive nourishment, herbal nutrition and holistic self-care practices. This exploration of self-nourishment helps you to learn how to release the stigmas of diet culture and intuitively know how to nourish yourself in a way that best supports your unique challenges and bioindividuality with confidence & clarity. As your guide, I help you to learn the nuances of how you can nourish a healthfully happy lifestyle while feeling GREAT in your body, mind and being. I look forward to supporting you along your path to better health and a life that feels joyous and just right for you.

Root Revival LLC
(541) 632-4409